10th February 2015

KickassTorrents Has Had to Move House… Again

It’s not easy being a torrent website. But KickassTorrents has demonstrated to everyone yet again that authorities’ tireless efforts to take down torrent sites ultimately prove useless in the end.

02nd February 2015

Man Loses $17.5 Million Because He Was 7 Seconds Too Late

Sorry sir, 7 seconds earlier and I could have given you the $17.5 million, but you just missed out.

26th January 2015

4 Horrible Things That Happen Every Day So You Can Enjoy Your iPhone

While we all love our Apple products, the truth behind how they come to exist is utterly, utterly, appalling and horrifying. Here’s to Apple: yet another company proving beyond reasonable doubt that nice guys indeed finish last.

25th January 2015

8 Simple(ish) Steps to Creating a Profitable App

Chad Mureta (developer and marketer of over 50 apps that have all been downloaded over 35 million times worldwide) shares his pearls of wisdom in this step-by-step guide on how to create a best-selling app.

24th January 2015

Flight Attendant Goes in to Graphic Detail of Mile-High Sex Trial

Two passengers on board an Air Canada flight this time last year, decided that they would join the famed mile-high club. This didn’t go down well and so the two were charged. Their trial began this week and a flight attendant witness, gave a graphic account of what went down.

11th January 2015

How The World’s 3rd Richest Man Made His Billions

Have you ever wondered just how astute a businessman you would have to be to become the world’s 3rd richest man? It must be complicated right? Well, according to the man himself, it wasn’t as difficult as you might think.

11th January 2015

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Complain About Your Job

We have all done it. Sometimes, even those of us who are fortunate enough to be in a position to chase their desired career have a bad day and wish they were on a beach somewhere. But no matter how crappy your day was, at least you don’t have one of these jobs.

11th January 2015

15 Cases of Great Advertising

Sometimes advertisements rely solely on a super annoying but catchy song that gets stuck in our heads for days and we end up buying their product out of some subconscious submission. Obviously these fifteen advertisements don’t rely on a theme song. They have had to employ more clever means to get our attention.

05th January 2015

Want to Get Paid $18,000 to Stay in Bed for 70 Days?

Enjoy chilling in bed all day? Got no plans for the next two and a half months? Need some cash? NASA has got you covered!

03rd January 2015

Undercover Boss Offers to Pay for Employee’s Boob Job

An ‘Undercover Boss’ in the popular television series has come under a bit of fire recently after offering to pay for one of his employees to have a boob job. Many have labelled it sexist and say that the boss has only aided in perpetuating sexism.

03rd January 2015

“Rockstar” Economist Refuses Top French Honour, Legion D'Honneur

It must be at least slightly embarrassing for an organisation to bestow an honour upon someone only for the intended recipient to refuse it. For such a prestigious award as the Legion D’Honneur, it must be felt as a proverbial kick in the guts.

01st January 2015

17 Companies That Really Don’t Want You to Know These Secrets

Disturbing confessions from ex-employees of each of these 17 businesses will shock and disgust you.

22nd December 2014

5 Professions Ruled By Women

I doubt I would be bursting anyone’s bubble by suggesting that men generally earn more than women, in the Western World and beyond. The tables have gone some way to even up and thankfully, continue to do so.

18th December 2014

15 Ways to Save Cash So You Can Travel Instead

We all know how much it costs to live in the Western world and in fact, it probably isn’t that much cheaper in the East. So how are we going to see all of it when we spend all our time worrying about meeting the costs of functioning where we happen to have found ourselves? Save some cash and you might be able to truly find yourself.

18th December 2014

15 Very Creative Advertisements

There might come a day when you turn on the television, there is a picture of a completely naked woman with a perfect body and gorgeous smile, and the caption reads simply, “DRINK COKE”. Sex sells after all, and some ads can lack a bit of artistic credibility. But for now, there are still some cool people in the advertising game. Here’s some of their best efforts.

09th December 2014

Coca-Cola Releases Sexist New Ad Campaign for its New Milk Product

As if people weren’t still shocked that Coca-Cola will be launching a brand of premium milk this month, but now they’ve offended people everywhere with their super sexy and perhaps sexist new ad campaign.

09th December 2014

13-year-old set to Make Millions After Brilliant Invention to Help Blind

What started out as a simple school science project has left 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee with an investment from corporate giant Intel in the hundreds of thousands.

30th November 2014

17 D-List Millionaires Thanks To Hit Shows

A-list, Shmay-list. Who needs the grueling schedule of a superstar when you can be just as rich, minus the popularity, and demanding overtime hours. These D-listers might miss out on the perks of never needing a reservation to be seated right away at the hottest most expensive restaurants in the world, but they can certainly afford to dine there.

30th November 2014

11 Biggest Studio Money Makers in Hollywood

Hollywood studios are immensely wealthy. How rich, you may ask? Why rich enough to make one of the The Richest’s rich lists, that’s all. Bearing in mind that the following figures are not the final tally for the calendar year, let’s see who is currently among Hollywood’s biggest studio money makers for 2014.

30th November 2014

15 Richest Germans In 2014

The German economy is the fifth biggest in the world with a total GDP of $3.2 trillion, or $39,028 per capita, as of 2014. Germany is often considered the economic engine of the E.U and one of the critical contributors to the region. So of course, some of the richest people in the world hail from this prosperous country.