15th June 2016

Toddler Taken By Alligator At Disney Resort

Could any parent imagine something so horrific?

10th June 2016

It Turns Out The "Tiger Temple" Is Exactly As We Feared It Might Be

Animal lovers beware: you will find this disturbing.

09th June 2016

This Seagull Turned A Delicious Shade Of Orange After Falling In To Vat Of Curry

“He smelled amazing, he really smelled good”.

03rd June 2016

Real or Fake? The Truth Revealed About Florida Golf Course's Giant Gator

It could be the biggest alligator ever….if it’s real, that is…

03rd June 2016

Megan Fox Tells Chelsea Handler Her Aborted Child Is In Her Dog

Seriously. That’s really what she said.

02nd June 2016

Rare Giant Panda Born In Belgium

So they do do it after all…

31st May 2016

Is This The Biggest Alligator You've Ever Seen?

“I didn’t know if we were being punked or something”.

27th May 2016

Microbrewery's Edible Six-Pack Rings Could Help Save Countless Marine Life

The Eco-friendly way to drink beer!

27th May 2016

Old Toys Get Donated Limbs To Teach Kids About Organ Donation

This sure is capturing the attention it was after, but not just with kids!

19th May 2016

10 Of The Most Common "Facts" That Aren't True

We’re only human, so we’re allowed to get these things wrong….over and over again!

18th May 2016

This Little Guy Is Not As Cute And Cuddly As He Looks...

If you think this little dude is a nice, little bundle of cute, trust me, you’re being deceived.

13th May 2016

5 Reasons Pigs Are More Awesome Than You Are

They’re good for a lot more than just bacon!

13th May 2016

Serena Williams Learns The Hard Way That Dog Food Is Not Human Food

Have you ever thought dog food looked tasty? No, of course not; no one has!

09th May 2016

5 Surprising Facts About Moths

Moths are definitely more interesting than we thought….

05th May 2016

Snake Owner In Critical Condition After Bitten By His King Cobra

Even the experts get it wrong some times.

28th April 2016

7 Reasons We Shouldn't Kill Sharks

With all the shark attacks in certain parts of the world, there are calls to cull shark populations and hunt culprits responsible for attacks. But that would be a mistake! Here’s why…

28th April 2016

5 Reasons To Get A Dog (If You Don't Have One Already)

Get a dog. They’re awesome and you know it!

15th April 2016

5 Horrific Creatures That Are In The Ocean

Often, a fear of the ocean can be traced back to the fear of the unknown. But this disproves that theory. You’ll now know what’s there….but it won’t ease your fears!

14th April 2016

How This Pile Of Whale Vomit Could Net One Lucky Couple Thousands

One man’s trash is another’s treasure, as they say. And that is pretty much the deal with why this whale vomit is worth a pretty penny!

11th April 2016

A Pet Detective Reunited A Man With His Dog Even Though They Were 2,000 Miles Away

The bond between a man and his dog; unbreakable despite 2 years and 2,000 miles of separation!