18th April 2014

Twelve Dead, Four Missing in Mount Everest Avalanche

AN avalanche swept down a climbing route on Mount Everest, killing at least 12 Nepalese guides and leaving four missing in the deadliest disaster on the world’s highest peak.

13th April 2014

Teenager suffers Twitter meltdown after making joke bomb threat to American Airlines

A TEENAGE Twitter user is learning the hard way that threatening a major airline on social media is not the best idea.

12th April 2014

Young College Student Dies From Marijuana Overdose

With marijuana getting stronger and stronger everyday it was only a matter of time till someone overdosed.

12th April 2014

Woman Stabs Boyfriend After He Fa*ts In Her Face During Argument

Knife-crossed lovers Deborah Ann Burns and Willie Butler were allegedly fighting about money when Butler fa*ted on Burns in their Florida home. Things escalated, and they started throwing a knife back and forth.

27th March 2014

Teen beaten after showering with Athens man's daughter

ATHENS, Ga. – Athens-Clarke County Police arrested a 49-year-old man Tuesday on charges of battery and cruelty to children after they said he caught his daughter’s boyfriend in the shower with her.

18th March 2014

Michael Z. Picciano sues OkCupid after losing $70,000 to his date

A SELF-PROCLAIMED online dating rube from New York slapped online dating site OkCupid with a lawsuit after a man he met on the singles site swindled him out of more than $70,000.

17th March 2014

Silicon Valley billionaire buys record life insurance policy

AN UNNAMED Silicon Valley billionaire has purchased the world’s most valuable life insurance policy, worth $201 million.

13th March 2014

Malaysian Airline Finally Found Hoax

Hackers on Facebook are abusing the mystery of the Malaysian airplane that has gone missing, the hackers have published a fake website which claims to have the video of the airplane that has gone missing.

09th March 2014

Italian Man Discovers Escort is Son's Girlfriend

A 70-year-old man from Treviso, a city in the northern Italian region of Veneto, became embroiled in a bitter feud with his son after booking an escort who turned out to be his offspring’s girlfriend.

06th March 2014

Two men found guilty of selling trade secrets to China

TWO men were found guilty of stealing an American company’s secret recipe for making a chemical used to whiten products from cars to the middle of Oreo cookies and selling it to a competitor controlled by the Chinese government.

06th March 2014

Mystery bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto named as Dorian S. Nakamoto

NEWSWEEK said it has found the enigmatic creator of the online currency bitcoin, a reclusive Japanese-American physicist and model train fan whose name is actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

05th March 2014

Winklevoss twins buy tickets to space aboard the Virgin Galactic with bitcoins

BIG bitcoin backers the Winklevoss brothers say they have used the virtual currency to buy tickets into space on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic aircraft.

03rd March 2014

Pope drops F-bomb during Vatican blessing

POPE Francis may need to go to confession after inadvertently blurting out an Italian F-bomb during his weekly blessing from the Vatican.

03rd March 2014

KFC worker Naquasia LeGrand fronts wages campaign and lobbies Obama

NAQUASIA LeGrand was frying chicken, sweeping floors and serving customers for $7.25 an hour when she was recruited by union organisers to join a campaign for higher pay.

25th February 2014

Warren Buffett Reveals Golden Rules in Annual Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

Warren Buffett is offering a refresher course on his approach to investing in his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders.

20th February 2014

Three-year-old Alexis Martin has the same IQ as Einstein

A THREE-year-old just became Arizona’s youngest Mensa member after she memorised world geography and taught herself Spanish.

17th February 2014

How this couple turned a redundancy into an epic adventure

WHAT does the average bloke do when he gets made redundant? He looks for another job. Not this guy … he decided to do the opposite — go on an adventure of a lifetime that’s still continuing.

16th February 2014

Brisbane Boys’ College sacks rowing head coach David Bellamy over sex-talk

ONE of Queensland’s elite private schools has sacked its director of rowing in a ­bizarre sex-talk scandal.