22nd July 2016

Guy Gets Locked Inside A Stadium Trying To Catch A Squirtle

That heading will be even more confusing if you don’t know what a “Squirtle” is…

22nd July 2016

How Much Is Just One Selena Gomez Social Media Post Worth?

A few selfies and I could retire!

20th July 2016

PokeDates Is Now A Thing And It's Exactly What It Sounds Like It Is

Overtaking Tinder in more ways than one…

20th July 2016

Lindsay Lohan Posts A Horribly Awkward Nice Terror Tribute

Somebody should really step in and say to these girls; “No more internet until you prove you know how to use it responsibly!”

19th July 2016

Chrissy Teigen Dishes The Dirt On Celebs During Twitter Q&A

One of the most down-to-earth (and funny) celebs in Hollywood just answered all of our questions!

19th July 2016

There's Going To Be Tinder Movie; "Worst Tinder Date Ever"

We’d love to make some pun about the film being a match with audiences but…well, you know…

19th July 2016

Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones Exposes The Racist Trolls Taunting Her

If you’re on this list, all it means is that you’re an immature idiot – that’s all.

18th July 2016

Google Deletes 14 Years' Worth Of Artist's Work

Another reason you should back up your own stuff…

18th July 2016

Social Media Is Loving Kim Kardashian's Taylor Swift Slaying

If there’s anything the people of Twitter love more than pouring salt in to a wound, it’s yet to land on this planet!

13th July 2016

How Snapchat Is Helping These Sexual Abuse Victims

It’s only the start, but it’s a start all the same…

13th July 2016

How Pokemon Go Is Helping People With Anxiety And Depression

If nothing else, we can all stop telling gamers to get out of the house!

13th July 2016

Why Is 2016 The Longest Year Of Your Life?

If it seems like the year could be dragging on a bit….

13th July 2016

5 Things You Don't Want To Type In To Google

You should never Google these things. That is, unless you’re not at work or around children, and you’re perhaps a bit strange! NSFW!

11th July 2016

10 Hilarious Museum Snapchats That Put The Fun Back In Art

To some, history is just a bunch of stuff that already happened….and an artistic interpretation of such things requires a different way of looking at things to make it fun again…

11th July 2016

Does Kristin Cavallari Really Starve Her Children?

Is this acceptable parenting? Is it anyone’s business?

10th July 2016

Pokemon Go Users Hilariously Toll Westboro Baptist Church


07th July 2016

Mischa Barton's Deletes Terrible Black Lives Matter Tribute

Hey, at least her yacht has WiFi…. So that’s something!

06th July 2016

UN Says That Internet Restrictions Violate Human Rights

If it’s good news for internet users then it’s good news for pretty much everyone, right?

04th July 2016

7 Tweets By People Who Grew Up Shy

If you grew up as a shy kid, you weren’t alone. Although you’d never have known that because you were way to busy being scared to talk to anyone about it.

04th July 2016

Woman Charged With Threatening To Murder Stephen Hawking

She even had a map detailing his entire itinerary for that day.