24th January 2015

Seagull Makes a Comes Back From the Dead During Aussie Cricket Match

Who would have thought a seagull could be so resilient? During a professional cricket match in Australia, one of the birds was struck by a flying cricket ball. Presumed fatally wounded, it was left to rest at the side of the field. But nobody saw what was coming next. Watch the video of its miracle resurrection.

21st January 2015

Tennis World in a Spin Over Star Player Being Asked to “Twirl” on Live TV

Interviewed post-match at the Australian Open, Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard was asked by a male reporter to “twirl” and show off her dress. Many fans and media are unhappy with the interview.

18th January 2015

12 Photos of Two Men Free Climbing Up a 900m Vertical Wall

It took 19 days for Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson to climb up one of the tallest and toughest vertical walls in the world using nothing but their bare hands.

01st January 2015

The Top 15 of the World’s Most Marketable Athletes

Lists of this nature are always talking points amongst fans, especially those from particular countries, or of particular sports, than feel like their favourite sportsperson has been left out. This is the top fifteen of this year’s compilation by SportsPro of the world’s most marketable athletes.

31st December 2014

15 of the Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Let’s be honest, chess will not make this list. Just like we are still deliberating as to whether country music is actually a legitimate art form, so too is the jury still out as to whether things like chess and darts are actually sports. One thing is for sure, the sports on this list are real sports, where your safety is never certain.

22nd December 2014

15 Awesome Sporting Fails

Sometimes, people engaged in sporting activity put themselves at risk of injury due to a number of reasons. Usually though, it is as a result of attempting things that are beyond their capabilities. Then there are those times that are just plain old unfortunate. These are a mixture of both. Either way, they are fun to have a giggle at.

18th December 2014

5 High-Profile Deaths in Sport

There are many sports where you almost expect fatalities, even with modern advances in technology, which tend to provide greater safety for competitors, especially at the highest levels.

18th December 2014

Israeli Umpire Killed by Cricket Ball Just Days after Phillip Hughes’ Death

Another person involved in a cricket match has died recently in Israel. An umpire at a cricket match in the Israeli city of Ashdod passed away after he was struck by a ball.

16th December 2014

Former NBA Star Tells how to Lose $110 Million

If you had a short but highly lucrative career earning you about US$110 million dollars, what would you do with that money? I think for most of us, buying a nice house and car and then banking or investing the rest would seem like reasonable options. However, it appears that not everybody thinks this way.

09th December 2014

Australian Cricketer hit on head during game dies in hospital

Phillip Hughes, 25, was in the middle of a widely televised cricket game when a bowler bounced a ball that hit him in the back of the neck, just below his skull. The cricketer immediately fell to the ground, unconscious, and died in hospital after several days in an induced coma.

29th November 2014

Top 10 Most Unique Athlete Rides

Fame and fortune can afford you many things. Chief among them are the lavish material goods you can buy with your wealth. Admit it, if you had the pool of cash that the rich and famous have, you would spend it on the most outrageous of items. That is the epitome of buying it “because I can.” This shows off how much you are willing to throw your money around.

23rd November 2014

Michael Phelps’ Alleged Girlfriend says she was Born Male via Facebook

41-year-old Taylor Lianne Chandler has taken to Facebook to state that she’s in a relationship with Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps… oh, and that she was born a male.

18th November 2014

15 Reason why it is Difficult to Look Cool Whilst Playing Sports

Let’s be honest, some sportspeople are almost worshipped, as much for their good-looks as for their sporting prowess. But it is usually when they are snapped whilst dressed in nice clothes, or perhaps wearing very little clothes, that they are the object of such attention. Typically, when engaged in the throes of physical exertion out there on the field, it is very difficult for a sportsperson to look good.

09th November 2014

15 Greatest Fights in MMA History

The best fights happen when both men come out with higher stocks and more fearsome reputations than they had going in. A truly legendary contest can elevate the aura of both fighters substantially, and the afterglow can last for years.

09th November 2014

15 Best NHL Players on Teams That Suck

There are an abundance of NHL players stuck on a bad team, in an organization with no vision or on a team that’s rebuilding. When the playoffs come around, these players cannot be seen, unable to showcase their abilities on the biggest stage because they’re trapped in an awful situation.

08th November 2014

Details of the New Mexico Women’s Soccer Team Hazing Scandal

A recent report looking into the New Mexico women’s soccer team hazing scandal has revealed that players were forced to perform what it called “inappropriate gestures” with frozen hot dogs and kiss the backsides of other students. This might all sound quite bizarre, although maybe not when compared to some organisations with “traditional” induction rituals.

06th November 2014

27 Best Sports Team Nicknames Ever

Nothing captures the fun of sports like a great nickname. They add color to the game, spark the imagination, turn ordinary athletes into lifelong memories. They’re creative, enduring, and unique. Air Jordan. The Great One. Broadway Joe Namath. Each fits perfectly and instantly brings to mind moments of greatness. But nothing is more rare than the great team nickname.

05th November 2014

15 Cheapest NBA Teams To Watch in 2014-15

It’s not good times for every team in the NBA. Several franchises will struggle to fill seats for home games throughout the upcoming season. Those clubs should theoretically take care of their fans by offering inexpensive season tickets.

04th November 2014

15 Most Expensive NBA Teams To Watch in 2014-15

One cannot begin discussing the 2014-15 National Basketball Association season without immediately mentioning the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland became the center of the North American professional sports universe in 2014 when two superstar athletes made their journeys to northeast Ohio. The Cleveland Browns acquired Texas A&M phenom Johnny Manziel in the 2014 National Football League draft, and then LeBron James announced to the world that he was taking his talents back to Cleveland to return to the Cavaliers.

04th November 2014

15 Red Bull Publicity Stunts That Will Blow Your Mind

In the energy drink marketing wars, Red Bull is heavily into stunts, while Monster goes for a lovely line-up of buxom, “Monster Girls” draped over car hoods or straddling bikes. It’s simply a matter of taste which you prefer. Guts and glory, or shapely bodies. Here are 15 of Red Bull’s most amazing, sometimes just entertaining stunts.