21st November 2016

25 Things They Should Have Taught You In School But Didn't

How much did you really learn about the world around you when you were at school? Sure, reading and writing were definitely great skills to learn …and I’m sure there are people using trigonometry in their every day. It’s just that, for most of us, there could possibly have been other things we’d have used more had we learned them earlier…

21st November 2016

25 Signs That You're More Mature Than You Think You Are

At some point, you’ve crossed that line from kid to adult. But the thing is, nobody ever feels like they’re an adult. There’s no test to pass and no certificate to be given. Everyone is always still growing up. Here’s 25 signs to prove you’re well on your way…

21st November 2016

25 Superpowers We All Wish We Had

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, or in the middle somewhere, life would be much easier if you could pick a superpower. But you only get to pick one – so choose wisely…

17th November 2016

24 Reasons You Aren't As Successful As You Could Be

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite able to squeeze the juice out of life that you think you should be? Here’s why…

12th November 2016

25 Facts About Space That Are Both Awesome And Scary

In the grand scheme of things, there’s really very little that we do know about the universe in comparison to what we’re still to learn. But space is massive, and we do know some pretty crazy stuff already…

06th November 2016

12 Very Bad Reasons To Breakup

Maybe you should breakup with him or her… But maybe you’re getting ahead of yourself and not considering these 12 factors when thinking about the future of your relationship…

06th November 2016

New Study Hints At Cannabis Being Able To Enhance Night Vision

It seems we’re learning more and more about the varied effects of cannabis on our bodies, but we didn’t expect this!

06th November 2016

25 Seemingly Normal Things The Bible Says We Shouldn't Do But We Do Anyway

We’re sinning more and more everyday!

06th November 2016

Photographer Captures Giant Wolf In Sweden's Northern Lights

The photographer was completely unaware what they’d captured until looking at the images later on the pc…

06th November 2016

Formerly Abused Dog Is Scared Of Everyone Except Her 11-Month-Old Best Friend

Sometimes, best friends can be from completely different backgrounds…

03rd November 2016

20 Most Visited Cities On The Planet

People are traveling now more than ever before for both business and pleasure. But even though these cities are the most visited on the planet, there’s a really good chance you never considered visiting some of them, until now…

28th October 2016

25 Science-Backed Facts About Happiness

It’s not often we get to quote Jesse from ‘Breaking Bad’ but let’s not wate the opportunity; “Yeah science!”

24th October 2016

12 Things They Forgot To Tell You About Being Single

Spare us your pity, it’s the single life for me!

24th October 2016

Researchers Might Have Just Found A Way To Make Our Brains Learn Like Kids Again

What if you found learning as easy as you did when you were a kid..??

17th October 2016

25 Of The World's Most Difficult Languages To Master

Some people have enough trouble mastering their native language, but let’s be honest, if you’re reading this then you’ve done well enough. But learning one of these as a second language is a whole other ball game..!!

17th October 2016

25 Secrets To Help You Achieve Your Goals

We all want a successful life and yet, only a percentage of people ever achieve it. Perhaps it’s because most of us don’t pay attention to what is important…

17th October 2016

12 Awesome Tattoos That Display Sisterly Love

If you’re lucky to have a sister with whom you have an amazingly close bond, you may want to show it on your skin ….or you may already have one!

17th October 2016

12 Secrets That Make A Great Relationship

There’s thing that makes couples not good for each other, and then there’s things that make them great…

12th October 2016

5 Tips That Will Help You Become Better At Listening

Remember that sometimes, to be truly heard you must first know how to listen.

12th October 2016

7 Amazing Psychological Facts About Your Own Mind

Although science has still only scratched the surface when understanding the human mind, what it has proven is that there is a rhyme and reason…