26th October 2016

25 Of The Dumbest Questions From Customers

When a Reddit user posted a question “What is the dumbest question a customer has ever asked you?” there were A LOT of responses. These are some of the best…

26th October 2016

25 Of The Stupidest Questions Ever Asked On Yahoo Answers

…Because sometimes the people you share the planet with don’t deserve access to a keyboard!

25th October 2016

20 Zones That Are Even Worse Than The Friend Zone

Oh, you though the friend zone was the worst zone? I’m afraid you’re severely mistaken…

25th October 2016

20 Of The Worst Ex-Girlfriend Text Fails

If your ex is this crazy then perhaps it could be time to think about changing your number…

25th October 2016

20 Of The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

Seriously though, so many of these could have been avoided…

25th October 2016

20 Of The Most Hilarious Tattoo Fails On The Internet

It’s that whole “seemed like a good idea the time” thing again…!!

20th October 2016

20 Of The Absolute Funniest Winshield Parking Notes

We understand your frustration but do you need to be so passive aggressive? Really?!

19th October 2016

25 Of The Funniest @fjamie013 Photoshop Efforts

Be very careful what you wish for or you just might get a misinterpreted version of it!

17th October 2016

12 Tattoos That Are So Awful They're Good

If you’re going to have a really crappy tattoo, at least the rest of us can get a laugh from it!

17th October 2016

12 Reasons You Should Never Take Children Shopping

Children and shopping are like chicken and ice cream; they’re both enjoyable exclusively, but don’t ever mix them!

15th October 2016

7 Of The Worst Fake Tan In History

When you’ve about 11 on the Trump scale, it’s definitely time to consider the possibility you might be a little too orange!

15th October 2016

7 Of The Most Stupid Texts On The Internet

The aliens are watching …and this is why they haven’t come to visit.

15th October 2016

7 Of The Most Ridiculous Sign Fails On The Internet

If you’re the type of person who does what you’re told without question, these signs could ruin your day!

14th October 2016

7 Of The Worst Texts A Parent Could Receive From Their Daughter

As a parent, receiving a text like these would surely be a nightmare! For us, however, it’s hilarious!

14th October 2016

7 Of The Very Best First World Problems

At least one of these is a problem I face every single day. The struggle is real!

07th October 2016

7 People That Are So Frustrating We Want To Punch Them

Not that we’d actually do it, but you know…

07th October 2016

10 Of The Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened

If you’ve ever walked in to a glass door, you’re only about 1/1000th as stupid as these people…

05th October 2016

Bike Rider Gets Instant Revenge On Hit-And-Run Driver

Presuming there is a right and wrong time to make a hit-and-run, this wasn’t it…

05th October 2016

7 Of The Funniest Wrong Number Texts To Have Surface On The Internet

Wrong number texts are always funny …just as long as it doesn’t involve me!

24th September 2016

People Who Got Caught Cheating Through Text Fails

You should probably double check what you type before you send it …unless you want to get caught, that is!