30th November 2014

15 Most Powerful Female CEOs Of Fortune 500 Companies

In 2014, six women broke the glass ceiling when they were nominated as the Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 500 company, bringing the total number of female CEOs of a Fortune 500 company to 24.

29th November 2014

10 Internet Millionaires Who Made Fortunes Out Of Thin Air

Entrepreneurs have been able to bend the Internet to their wills, turning an open marketplace and simple ideas into the most lucrative of ventures. With exceptionally low entrance costs of digital business, turning one previously inconceivable concept into a viral sensation netting millions is there for anyone to seize. For some, it happened by accident. For others, it was hard work, wits and calculation. But in every case, the rewards were bountiful.

27th November 2014

24 Absolutely Brilliant Ads

A collection of ads that show advertising doesn’t have to be boring.

26th November 2014

18 Hilarious Business Names

A collection of business’s with some funny names. We should start giving out awards for some of these hilarious puns.

26th November 2014

15 Top-Selling Musical Artists of All Time

This type of list is often debated due to the fact that the value of money changes over time and so it is suggested that when considering one artist over another in terms of sales, one needs to factor in relative worth. This is a list of cold-hard money-makers in terms of physical sales (excluding digital). The top fifteen highest-selling musical artists ever.

25th November 2014

11 Highest Grossing Films Based on SNL Sketches

SNL skits are typically several minutes long. They set up the joke and deliver the punch line. But when converting these into films the transition isn’t always so smooth, in fact the problem with a lot of SNL movies is that they fail to hit their jokes and just drag on for an hour or so. However, there are some cult classics, as well as a few that have been incredibly well received.

Theses are the 11 highest grossing films based on SNL sketches.

25th November 2014

12 Box Office Flops That Were Successful Years Later

Most people agree that nothing compares to the power of word of mouth. Despite shaky starts, the movies in the following list gained significant reputations as they captured the attention of audiences in North America and around the world.

19th November 2014

15 Richest Cast Members Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe (So Far)

One thing that is apparent with the Marvel movies: if they don’t sign on a big name, you will most definitely be turned into one as a result if being in a Marvel flick. Before Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt was a television star. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were both fairly recognizable before their Marvel films, but they definitely blew up after appearing as Captain America and Thor, respectively.

19th November 2014

Netflix comes to Australia and New Zealand

Well it’s finally happened… why it took this long to happen, who knows? But while the rest of the world is already creating hoverboards and landing probes on comets, Australia and New Zealand are about to have Netflix!

17th November 2014

10 Of The Worst Business Decisions of all Time

Feeling remorseful because you bought something for $30 then saw it somewhere else for $20 later that day? These billion dollar screw-ups should make you feel a little better about that!

10th November 2014

10 Highest Earning Female Singers In 2014

It can take a lifetime in any profession to reach over a million dollars in earnings. However, women have no trouble dominating the music industry where talent goes a very long way to beefing up bank accounts.

07th November 2014

Top 15 Biggest Business Fails in History

Apparently, about half of all business ventures fail within the first five years, starting and leaving under the radar with little fanfare. Some though, start off like their world is theirs, only to crash and burn some time down the track. This list is of the latter.

06th November 2014

15 Of The Richest LGBT Millionaires and Billionaires

Ranked from least rich to most rich, the following LGBT millionaires and billionaires all agree that their sexual orientation has – of course – no impact on their professional competence. Some financial giants, such as Wall Street executives, have argued being open is the best thing for the prosperity of any business.

05th November 2014

10 Richest Chinese Billionaires In 2014

China has, in the last twenty years, become home to millions of mobile phone and Internet users. Businesses and the general population have become huge digital consumers and the telecommunications industry has surged – so much so that China is currently renowned for being one of the most tech-savvy countries in the world.

04th November 2014

Steve Jobs Monument Dismantled in Russia after His Successor Reveals He is Gay

A Russian monument erected in 2013 in memory of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been taken down, after, Jobs’ successor, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s announcement last week that he is gay. The monument is in the shape of an over-sized iPhone and put up on a university campus in St. Petersburg.

04th November 2014

16 Of The Richest Twilight Cast Members Ranked

Some stars of Twilight were lucky enough to have established careers before the films, and those who broke out due to Twilight made a lot of smart choices when taking on other projects. This has resulted in a long list of wealthy cast members – even some of the peripheral characters in the series are big earners.

03rd November 2014

How 15 of the World’s Biggest Companies Got Their Names

It would seem a fair assumption that the people who started Amazon had enjoyed their trip to South America. Seems legit, but it may not actually be true. And what’s the deal with “Nintendo”? Let’s find out.

03rd November 2014

The World’s 15 Youngest Billionaires

Does it ever amaze you how billionaires came to make their money? Whilst some inherit it, there are just as many, if not more, that start from nothing and go and get it. This really should inspire us but for some people, it just makes them jealous. This list even more so when they see how young they are.

03rd November 2014

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes during testing

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo has crashed near California with one fatality and another person seriously injured. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo is part of what some may describe as an ambitious commercial space venture founded by British billionaire Richard Branson. The aircraft suffered a “serious anomaly” during a test flight, Virgin Galactic announced on its Twitter feed.

30th October 2014

17 Rich And Famous Penny-Pinchers

Many of those who made it to the list are simply known as being poor restaurant tippers, which says a lot about how they view wait staff who count on gratuities as part of their earnings. The others are fans of coupons and cheap department stores. Check out this list and see what you think. Frugal or cheap? That is today’s question.