14th December 2016

Simple Picture Of A Couple Hugging Confuses Everyone And Goes Viral

As with many things in life, things aren’t what they seem in this picture…

14th December 2016

Doctor Extracts Woman's "Mole" Which Turns Out To Be Gigantic Blackhead

Yes, it had to come out and yes, of course they took video of it!

13th December 2016

20 Gifts You Should NOT Give Your Grandmother For Christmas

There’s a million and one list out there on what you should get your grandma for Christmas but we think equal consideration should be given to what you should NOT give to your beloved gran…

12th December 2016

12 Of The Worst Plastic Surgery Fails On The Internet

It’s a question that is becoming more and more relevant as technological capabilities increase in a world which becomes ever more obsessed with appearances; Is cosmetic surgery for those who want it, rather than need it, the right thing to do? This list argues for the negative.

12th December 2016

12 Of The Most Epic Photo Bombs Found On The Internet

Some people go above and beyond when it comes to photobombs. But often, you don’t need a great level of expertise to pull off a genius photobomb, just be in the right place at the right time. Or the opposite…

12th December 2016

25 Tortuously Crazy Methods People Are Using To Lose Weight

Even though almost all of us can get the job done through healthy eating a regular exercise, it appears as though this method is not good enough, or fast enough, for many. Most people will find these 25 crazy weight loss methods a bit too much…

12th December 2016

25 Epic Last Words By Famous People

From the profound and poetic to the inexplicable and epic, these are the last words of 25 of history’s most famous dead people.

11th December 2016

Japanese Man Shows Off Gravity-Defying Coin Stacking Abilities

We’re not sure if this particular skill will make this guy any money but his ability to turn something so mundane in to a fascinating exhibition should be worth more than the currency he uses, right?

11th December 2016

This Strange Spherical Cloud Was Just Spotted Hovering Over Japan

Clouds come in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes but when we see one that appears to be a perfect sphere, that’s when we start to freak out a little bit….

08th December 2016

12 Pictures To Prove Your Family Is Totally Normal

You can’t choose your family, as they say. But you can choose to leave and never come back when they turn out to be absolute weirdos!

08th December 2016

12 Images That Will Surely Make You Say "Hell No"

Definitely not! Hell no!

05th December 2016

25 Slightly Strange Facts About Christmas Time

Christmas comes around every year and but still manages to get everyone excited (including retailers)! But what you don’t know about Christmas will surprise you…

05th December 2016

25 Of The Best Letters Kids Have Sent To Santa

It’s almost Christmas and with this being the time of year where kids are most likely to get what they want, the stakes could not be higher…

05th December 2016

25 Sad Facts That Could Almost Ruin Your Day

The world is a big, wide wonderland of discovery. But sometimes it kinda sucks a little too…

03rd December 2016

20 Facts That Sound Made-up But Are Totally True

The world’s a crazy place. To prove it, all these 20 facts about the world in which you live are going to sound like fiction, but they’re totally true!

02nd December 2016

25 Curious But True Facts About The English Language

What’s the shortest complete sentence in the English language? What about the longest word without a vowel? How long does your average word last before it becomes obsolete?

28th November 2016

This Dog Kissing A Fish Started An Epic Photoshop Battle

It’s a classic case of dog meets fish…

27th November 2016

11 Of The Funniest Hand-Written Notes By Kids

Kids say the darndest things! As it turns out, they write the darndest things too!

27th November 2016

12 Of The Craziest Face Tattoos Found On The Internet

There’s tattoos and then there’s face tattoos! There’s face tattoos …and then there’s these guys!!

25th November 2016

5 Signs You Might Have Multiple Past Lives

Do you ever get that feeling like you’ve been here before…?