28th April 2016

7 Reasons We Shouldn't Kill Sharks

With all the shark attacks in certain parts of the world, there are calls to cull shark populations and hunt culprits responsible for attacks. But that would be a mistake! Here’s why…

28th April 2016

5 Reasons To Get A Dog (If You Don't Have One Already)

Get a dog. They’re awesome and you know it!

15th April 2016

5 Horrific Creatures That Are In The Ocean

Often, a fear of the ocean can be traced back to the fear of the unknown. But this disproves that theory. You’ll now know what’s there….but it won’t ease your fears!

15th April 2016

How This Pile Of Whale Vomit Could Net One Lucky Couple Thousands

One man’s trash is another’s treasure, as they say. And that is pretty much the deal with why this whale vomit is worth a pretty penny!

11th April 2016

A Pet Detective Reunited A Man With His Dog Even Though They Were 2,000 Miles Away

The bond between a man and his dog; unbreakable despite 2 years and 2,000 miles of separation!

11th April 2016

Bull Takes Revenge On Matador In Painful Fashion!

Do you like it when the bull gets one back on the matador? If so, you should definitely read on!

01st April 2016

Much Loved 13-Year-Old Lion, Mohawk, Shot Dead In Kenya

A favorite in Kenya, 13-year-old lion, Mohawk, was shot dead by park rangers after their attempt to capture it attracted a crowd.

31st March 2016

7 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

Even the most attentive pet lovers among us will have their off days. But here are 7 things you should most definitely NEVER do to your favorite feline friend…

29th March 2016

You Won't Believe What They Found In 13 Dead Whales' Stomachs

Thirteen sperm whales were examined postmortem and what the examiners found in the creatures’ stomachs may disturb you.

12th March 2016

Star of the Documentary, 'Blackfish', Tilikum Is Reported To Be Dying After 33 Years in Captivity

The subject of probing 2010 documentary, Blackfish, iconic orca, Tilikum, is reported to be dying from health complications at SeaWorld Orlando.

21st May 2015

Watch This Fox Laugh Hysterically As It Stands Over Its Treasure Pigeon

Yes, this video shows a fox literally cackling like a hysterical witch as she stands over a dead pigeon she caught in this owner’s yard. Apparently this is her “I’m soooo happy, but please don’t take this away from me, I love my treasure soooo much” noise.

16th May 2015

8 Hilarious/Terrifying Images Of Animals Eating Strawberries

Here’s a gallery of various animals either looking cute as a button or resembling flesh-eating zombie pets as they try to eat strawberries to help you get through your work day.

15th May 2015

Found: The World’s First Warm-Blooded Fish

Scientists have discovered what they say is the very first warm-blooded fish. They may have known about the species before, but this new information is certainly a revelation for the fish world.

14th May 2015

Pet Python In Australia Needs Surgery After Swallowing Barbeque Tongs

We are all aware of how some snakes are capable of swallowing some pretty crazy things. But these crazy things are usually sizeable beasts. Not barbeque utensils…

14th May 2015

It's Raining Spiders In Australia

Believe it or not, a lot of people’s worst nightmare has come true in Australia recently, as spiders rained down from the sky. Yes…..it was raining spiders!

10th May 2015

Watch: The Ultimate Canine Focus Challenge

Who says a dog can’t resist the appeal of a tasty treat? This dog sure has some discipline. Even when the treats are resting on the canine’s sensitive snout!

03rd May 2015

Man Fights Bear To Save Dog

It is an act of love for a canine that would need to be rewarded with lots of unconditional affection on the dog’s behalf, if you ask me. Meet the man who punched a bear when the bear went for his little dog.

28th April 2015

Aussie Farmer Unearths 100 Million-Year-Old Sea Beast

A farmer in a remote part of the Australian state of Queensland has recently unearthed remains which are said to belong to a creature which lived in the sea about 100 million years ago.

26th April 2015

Watch Angry Gorilla Attack Little Girl Beating Her Chest At The Zoo

A little girl’s father managed to capture footage of the moment a gorilla cracked the glass window at the zoo as he lunged at his daughter, who was playfully beating her chest like a gorilla.

19th April 2015

Hunter Trampled To Death By Elephant in Africa

Animal rights groups are chalking this one down for the animals. A professional game hunter has been trampled to death by an elephant whilst taking an American on a hunt in Zimbabwe.