24th November 2016

20 Of The Funniest Texts Found On The Internet

The person who invented text messaging could not possibly have seen where it might lead…

24th November 2016

20 Times Somebody Completely Failed That One Job They Had

Every so often, there comes a time to just admit that you aren’t good at something …or maybe you’re not good at anything!

23rd November 2016

Can Somebody Tell Us Why The Hell People Are Drawing Penises On Their Faces?

“My dickliner will never compare!”

22nd November 2016

12 Supposedly Innocent Things That Look Suspiciously Like Sex Toys

None of the things you’re about to see are actually sex toys. So get your mind out of the gutter!!

22nd November 2016

12 Of The Worst Ever Tattoo Spelling Fails

If you’re going to become a tattoo artist, you’ll need the required artistic capabilities. However, it’s probably a good idea that you pay attention in English class too….

21st November 2016

12 Of The Best Titanic Memes On The Internet

All those who’d like to see Leonardo DiCaprio freeze to death, please raise your hand!

21st November 2016

People Have Begun Sharing The Embarrassing Art In Their Towns On Social Media

Unfortunately, not every town or city can have something as iconic as the Statue of Liberty or Christ the Redeemer – some of them get this instead…

21st November 2016

20 Hilarious Times People Failed To Nail It

Hey, don’t worry, you can’t be good at everything. But if you feel like your failed efforts are getting you down and making you think you’re not good enough – I dunno, maybe you’re right. But you’re probably not this bad…

21st November 2016

25 Of The Funniest Signs Found On The Internet

Have you ever noticed how the world in which you live is full of signs? I don’t means sings from God or anything like that – I mean actual signs – road signs, warning signs, etc. Luckily, they’re not all boring and instructional. Some of them are absolutely hilarious!!

17th November 2016

25 Stupid But Funny Puns That Should Really Be Reserved For Children

Yes, you’re all grown up and you shouldn’t be laughing at such trivial things. But it’s not my fault you’re immature…

17th November 2016

25 Of The Stupidest Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said

The Donald is on his way to the White House, and while he may have toned it down of late, it might be a good time to look back on all the truly strange and dumb things he has said in the past….

17th November 2016

25 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets About Weird Teachers

Some teachers should be on a stage in front of a much larger audience. Others should be locked up!

15th November 2016

20 Hilarious Poorly Translated Signs

What can we laugh at, if not the language barrier..??!!

15th November 2016

20 Perfect Examples Of Why You Shouldn't Drink And Text

I know you think it’s a good idea and that you should send that drunken text. But it isn’t and you shouldn’t. Ever.

14th November 2016

12 Things That Only Insomniacs Will Understand

For those of you that can fall asleep (and stay that way until morning) as soon as your head hits the pillow – we hate you!!

14th November 2016

12 Well-meaning Ideas That Didn’t Quite Turn Out Right

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you probably should have given it a bit more thought…

14th November 2016

12 Times Where Shadows Became the Best Part of the Photo

We usually pay more attention to the people or animals in photos, but sometimes those people aren’t the interesting bit…

14th November 2016

12 Of The Funniest Random Acts Of Rebellions Found On The Internet

Sometimes, when you begin to feel like a robot or a sheep (or a robotic sheep) there comes a time to break free from the life you’re supposed to lead. Here’s 12 examples to show you the way!

14th November 2016

10 Things Women In Prison Have Been Caught Using As Intimate Toys

It’s gotta be hard to smuggle a good, old-fashioned dildo in to prison. Probably. But that doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t have needs. This is when it’s time to get creative…

12th November 2016

20 Things That Those Who Are Not Morning People Will Understand

I’m not even reading this list until I’ve got a coffee in my hand.