23rd December 2016

12 Times Children Got Owned By Their Parents

Why is it that we always expect parents to be boring and unfunny? Is it because they usually are? Not these parents…

23rd December 2016

12 Times Google Searches Turned Up Some Bizarre Suggestions

The human race has come to depend on Google. Now that we acknowledge that, we can gain an insight in to just how stupid that human race is. The answer it seems, it “very”, if search suggestions on Google are anything to go by.

21st December 2016

Kid Gets Stuck In Handrail And People Come To Take Selfies, Not Help

I don’t want to pass too much judgment, but this is a pretty ridiculous trend..!!

19th December 2016

20 Things A Guy Should Never Say To A Woman

Guys, if you’ve ever used any of these then there’s a good chance you learned your mistake. If you haven’t, beware!

19th December 2016

20 Of Humanity's Greatest Small Victories

If humankind can conquer Oreo Mountain and another dude can fit an iPhone in his mouth, then where we go from hear is only bound by imagination!

19th December 2016

20 Most Inappropriately Timed Selfies On The Internet

They say that there’s a time and a place for everything. If that is true of selfies, then these examples are neither, and could very well serve as a comprehensive list of what not to do…

19th December 2016

20 Painfully Accurate But Funny Tweets About The New Year

As the new year fast approaches, you social media feeds will be filled with more and more semi-inspirational stuff about what 2017 has in store. Thankfully, there are some who know the truth…

18th December 2016

25 Of The Wittiest Insults In History From Famous People

Sometimes, there are insults which are so clever and witty, that you can’t help but to be in awe (so long as you aren’t the target). As long as your target hasn’t read these quotes too, you’ll be able to use them on your enemies…

18th December 2016

25 Of The Worst Anti-Jokes You'll Hear This Year

You know those jokes you hear where you feel like you want that time back that you wasted listening, and you kind of want to punch them in the privates? Here’s 25 of them…

18th December 2016

25 Things That Are Much Easier To Get Into Than Out Of

Whether it’s a gang or bear trap, there are many things in your life which you’ll find easy to get in to but so difficult, or perhaps even impossible, to get back out of!

18th December 2016

25 Fantastic New Years Quotes

Get your new year off to the best possible start with some of the wisest, wittiest and inspirational New Years quotes found on the internet…

16th December 2016

20 Weirdest People Spotted On Public Transport

It takes all sorts and we’re not about to judge anyone for being different. But taking note of these differences is all a part of us becoming a more tolerant and progressive society, isn’t it?

15th December 2016

12 Funny ‘Me At The Beginning Of 2016 Vs Me At The End Of 2016’ Memes

To think that the year started out with fresh hope and looked so promising! Oh well, 2017 is just around the corner…

15th December 2016

20 Inappropriate But Funny Tweets About Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly (and wildly inappropriate).

15th December 2016

10 Autocorrect Fails of 2016 vs 10 Autocorrect Fails of 2012

Autocorrect has had four years to get it together. Have things changed…??

15th December 2016

20 People Who Are Far Worse Parents Than You Or Your Parents

I’ll say this once again; may we please have some sort of test you have to pass to be allowed to procreate? Please!

15th December 2016

20 Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

The internet is awash with pictures which capture that one magical moment in time that can barely be replicated, so we scoured the far reaches to collect 20 of the best!

15th December 2016

Lawyer Gives Hilarious Advice Based On His Weirdest Cases

It turns out that Mr L.Scott Briscoe is not only a lawyer, but he’s hilariously funny too!

15th December 2016

12 Very Desperate First Date Texts

The dating game has never been an easy one to play but there’s no point in making it harder for yourself by acting like a desperate weirdo!

15th December 2016

10 Of The Dumbest Problems Ever Brought In To The Auto Shop

Sometimes it’s hilarious how stupid people can be, but then there’s all the other times where it can be potentially dangerous. On the roads, it’s simply astounding what people will drive around in, as evidenced in these 10 dumbest things ever brought in to the auto shop!