20th August 2016

Why Should Never Actually Pee On A Jellyfish Sting

There’s nobody to blame but the TV show ‘Friends”, really…

20th August 2016

Where Did The Days Of The Week Get Their Names From?

“Sunday” is pretty obvious….but “Wednesday”?! What could that possibly mean?

19th August 2016

Why Images Like This Freak Some People Out And Not Others

Does it make you feel a little uncomfortable but you don’t quite know why?

16th August 2016

Here's Why You Get Sick Reading In The Car

It seems like the perfect time to catch up on reading….but when you get sick!

16th August 2016

Here's Why Your Hair Doesn't Naturally Grow Blue Or Green

Blonde, brown, black, but not blue….

11th August 2016

Mother Dolphins "Sing" To Their Babies In The Womb

If you feel a bit weird talking to a baby in the womb, you shouldn’t…

08th August 2016

"Big Bang Theory" Cast Make Touching Plea To Raise Skin Cancer Awareness Following Teens Death

In honoring Clarie’s death, the cast of ‘Big Bang Theory’ just might some other lives.

08th August 2016

5 Non-Verbal Signs That He Or She Likes You Back

Wouldn’t it be good to know for sure without all of the guess work?

08th August 2016

1,000 Robots Break The World Record By Dancing In Unison

With the might of technology at the ready, it’s time to dance!

04th August 2016

North Korea Are Planning On Going To The Moon

They’re aiming for the Moon but they have no plans to stop there…

03rd August 2016

Why You're Almost Definitely Having Less Sex Than Your Parents

Wait a second, this can’t be good news for the future of mankind, right?!

03rd August 2016

5 Simple Ways To Be More Attractive

Not to be superficial, but if it helps you get the leg-up to get the leg-over, then it can’t be bad, right?

03rd August 2016

The 5 Most Beautiful Women In The World According To Science

…And you can’t argue with science!

01st August 2016

Top 10 Predicted Nations At The 2016 Olympics According To Science

The Olympics kicks off this week. Is this where your country will finish on the medal table?

25th July 2016

7 Ways That Your Height Can Affect Your Health

If you’re taller or shorter than your friends, here’s what that means for your future…

25th July 2016

The 5 Foods You Need To Eat More Of

We get so much information that it’s hard to tell where to start. And who knows what “superfood” even means?! When it comes to things we’re probably not eating enough of, let’s make it simple, shall we?

22nd July 2016

Why Most Dietary Supplements Are Useless...But There's A Few Exceptions

Should you be taking supplements or not?

18th July 2016

5 Ways To Boost Willpower And Eliminate Temptation

It all comes down to a few really easy decisions you need to make…

18th July 2016

Do Women Really Get Colder Than Men Do?

This might prove and vindicate, but it doesn’t stop the suffering, does it guys?

18th July 2016

10 Signs You Could Be Smarter Than The Average Person

Based on various scientific studies, the most intelligent people tend to have a few of these 10 traits – it doesn’t mean you can adopt them to get smarter!
But if you were smart, you’d know that already…