27th February 2014

‘Entourage’ Movie Gets Summer 2015 Release Date

With production under way, Warner Bros. has set a release date for its “Entourage” movie of June 12, 2015.

26th February 2014

Sandra Bullock will earn $70 million from Gravity

IT TURNS out Sandra Bullock’s Gravity pay check is seriously out of this world.

23rd February 2014

A Step-By-Step Guide To Matthew McConaughey's McConaissance

Six years ago, Matthew McConaughey was starring in a movie called “Surfer, Dude,” a film about as good as its title implies. He played a shirtless surfer plunged into an existential crises when his good luck with waves runs out.

19th February 2014

Cee Lo Green has Quit The Voice

The singer-songwriter-actor announced on Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show that he won’t be coming back “at all.’’

19th February 2014

18 Wonderfully Geeky 8-Bit GIFs Of Classic Movies

Illustrator Dusan Cezek has created these incredible animated GIFs of his favourite movies.

19th February 2014

Disney Princesses As "Game Of Thrones" Characters (13 Pics)

Meet the Throne Princesses of the Wonderful World of Westeros.

18th February 2014

20 Remakes in the Works: '80s Movies Forever!

The Hollywood remake machine shows no signs of slowing down, with the ’80s emerging as the most popular targeted decade from which to draw the reimagining, rebooting and/or regurgitating of various cinematic entities.

17th February 2014

11 Most Famous Superheroes Who Are Actually From Australia

If you hadn’t noticed, superhero movies are big in Hollywood these days. For actors, they can be the role of a lifetime or earn you the scorn of comic book fans everywhere.

16th February 2014

Star Josh Radnor cried over How I Met Your Mother finale

HOW I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor has said that he cried while reading the show’s final script.

13th February 2014

The Top 20 Movies to watch on Valentine's Day

Want to just crash in front of the couch this Valentine’s Day and put on a DVD? These are the top 20 movies to watch on the most romantic day of the year.

13th February 2014

Top 5 Highest Priced Concert Tours of 2013

From Popstars to Boybands, who came out on top as the most expensive ticket price of 2013?