29th January 2017

25 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

Where does your puppy rank?

29th January 2017

25 Times Parents Completely Owned Their Kids

Just like sports, business, and picking out clothes, some people do parenting better than others…

29th January 2017

25 Of The Most Beautiful Quotes About The Ocean

You had me at “ocean”….

29th January 2017

25 Of The Funniest Chinese-To-English Translations On The Internet

English can be a difficult language in many ways. I mean, let’s be honest, most of us still make mistakes! So, imagine when you’re native tongue doesn’t even use the same alphabetic system and online translators decide to betray your trust…. The results can be absolutely hilarious!

29th January 2017

25 Things You Need To Think When Considering Adopting A Dog

We don’t need to get in to how positively adopting a dog can affect your life. However, it’s only a good thing for both you and the puppy, so long as you do it right. There’s quite a few things to consider first…

29th January 2017

25 Beautiful Sunset Photos Of Cities Around The World

As any amateur photographer will know, sunset is the time to spot beauty in a landscape, and what’s more beautiful than the famous cities of the world…??

29th January 2017

25 Of The Most Badass Quotes Of All Time

…For when the task at hand requires to be nothing but a tough, uncompromising, total badass!

27th January 2017

Liz Hurley Flaunts Her 51-Year-Old Bikini Body On Instagram Again

Once again, Liz Hurley proves she’s still got it, even after more than half a century…

27th January 2017

5 Great Comebacks In Response To Arrogant People

Sometimes judgmental people fill us with so much rage and resentment that we often fantasize that perhaps a physical response is the only way we could satisfactorily reply. Fortunately, it isn’t…

27th January 2017

Here's How You Can Make Yourself Fall Asleep In Under One Minute

We don’t have to list the reasons why sleep is important for both the body and mind but being concerned about that often only adds to the stress and difficulties of falling asleep. This little trick could change all that for you….

27th January 2017

5 Types Of Toxic People You Don't Need In Your Life

There are many reasons we keep people in our lives who really have no right to be there. If it’s happiness you’re looking forward to, time to take stock, be honest and do a bit of a spring clean….!!

27th January 2017

5 Foods To Avoid When You're Sick

You really will want to avoid these 5 foods when you’re not feeling well as they can really make you feel a lot worse…

26th January 2017

Basketball Player's Eyeball Comes Out Of Its Socket During A Game

Warning: There’s a really good chance some people might find this footage disturbing.

25th January 2017

20 Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Moments Of Their Career

Teachers are just people. Teachers are far from infallible. Fortunately, they can also occasionally have a laugh at themselves and share their most embarrassing moments on Reddit….

25th January 2017

20 People Share The Stupidest Things They've Ever Said On A Date

When you’re on a date with someone, it’s usually at the front of your mind that you want to make a good impression, but what if you’re nervous? And what if you’re a bit of an idiot? These people shared their worst dating moments on Reddit, and we’re so glad they did…

24th January 2017

20 Great Excuses For When You Really Want To Leave Work Early

Let’s be honest, out of all the days you go to work over the course of the year, it’s (probably) mathematically impossible to give your all on each and every day. So, if today isn’t an “on” day, you’re going to need a reasonable excuse to be allowed to go home early…

24th January 2017

20 Funniest Text Messages Found On The Internet

When it comes to comebacks, these guys have got it covered…

24th January 2017

20 Signs That You Could Be A Psychopath

We all know that you’ve had this feeling about someone at some time or another. Perhaps it’s actually you!

24th January 2017

20 Of The Most Regrettable Tattoos Found On The Internet

You’ve seen bad choices when it comes to tattoos before. But you’ve never seen anything like this…

23rd January 2017

12 Of The Best Couples Tattoos Found On The Internet

These couples inspire us for a few reasons; they have pretty cool tattoos, and you can always take a ring off! But not a tattoo (laser doesn’t really work, does it?). That’s commitment!