04th August 2015

Top Secret: Part Of Australia Was Nearly Wiped Out By Russian Nuclear Space Junk

In 1996, Australian Prime Minister John Howard received a very disturbing phone call from US President Bill Clinton – a $64 million Russian satellite containing 200g of plutonium has failed to enter Earth’s orbit and is now plunging towards Queensland, Australia.

01st August 2015

5 Secrets of People Who Don’t Get Sick

Do you ever notice how there are some people in your life who just never seem to get sick but somehow, you simply aren’t one of them? Well, there may be a few little secrets that these people have to help them along their healthy way (besides plain old genetics).

10th June 2015

Aussie Couple Threaten To Divorce If Gay Marriage Is Legalised

An Australian couple say that if gay marriage becomes legal in the country, they may just have to get a divorce in protest. They believe in traditional Christian values and don’t think gay people should have the same rights.

05th June 2015

Islamic State Militant Tweets Selfie Giving Away Location, Air Force Blows Up Entire Headquarters

Until now, the most damage a selfie has ever done is cause some embarrassment when people notice a sex toy in the background or spot evidence of Photoshop around the boob or bicep areas. Now, selfies are causing deadly air strikes!

31st May 2015

Could Dan Bilzerian Seriously Be The Next President Of The United States?

Dan Bilzerian has announced that he is running for president next year and to be completely honest, stranger things have happened in politics. What do you think America would be like if the poker champion and social media spectacle was running the country?

31st May 2015

Is This The Weirdest Punishment Ever Handed Down By A Court?

A judge ordered that a woman’s punishment for assault be either thirty days in jail or a dose of pepper spray, right there in the courtroom.

23rd May 2015

Ireland Votes “Yes” For Same-Sex Marriage

Historic news out of the Republic of Ireland as the nation becomes the first to legalise same-sex marriage with a vote, and the twentieth country overall.

20th May 2015

Russia Demands United States To Tell The World The Truth About Aliens

It seems that the high-up government officials in America and Russia know something we don’t about aliens, and Russia is telling the U.S. that it’s time to tell the world the truth about extra terrestrial life – whatever that means!

16th May 2015

Luxembourg PM Becomes First EU Leader To Wed Same-Sex Partner

It has happened once before in 2010 when the leader of Iceland, Johanna Sigurdardottir, married her partner. But recently, Luxembourg Prime Minister has become the first leader in the EU to marry someone of the same sex.

07th May 2015

6 Perks That Come With Being President Of The United States

Running the world’s biggest superpower isn’t easy. That’s why your tax dollars pay for all this awesome stuff to help the commander-in-chief go about his business in style, comfort, luxury, and security. Check out these six presidential perks you never knew about before.

03rd April 2015

Kim Jong-un Seeks Women For “Pleasure Troupe”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reported to be about send government officials out to source women for inclusion in a “pleasure troupe” to entertain him.

23rd March 2015

Petition to Enforce a No Fly Zone in Syria to Prevent Children Suffering From Gas Attacks

Only recently have there been more allegations of the Syrian government dropping chlorine gas bombs on families. This petition aims to convince governments to enforce a No Fly Zone to protect children from such atrocities.

19th March 2015

Vladimir Putin Emerges After Mysterious 10-Day Absence to Boast About Crimea

10 days after Putin’s disappearance from the spotlight, he has re-emerged to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the annexation of Crimea just as the rumours surrounding his mysterious absence were growing ridiculous absurd.

02nd March 2015

Ukrainian Model Was With Putin’s Nemesis as He Was Shot Dead

Model Anna Duritskaya was at Russian opposition politician and long-time Putin critic, Boris Nemtsov’s side when he was shot dead just metres from the Kremlin. She now claims she is being held against her will.

22nd February 2015

Indonesian President Advised to Get Executions Done Quickly

With pressure from all many parts of the world and foreign relations suffering, the President of Indonesia is being pressured to end the lives of those on death row, before the situation worsens.

22nd February 2015

The Campaign to Free West Papua

West Papua is a country 250km north of Australia, and it’s currently occupied by Indonesia illegally. Some of the atrocities that are happening there would make your skin crawl, and yet people are just now hearing about it thanks to the “Free West Papua” campaign.

04th February 2015

Two Lesbians Take a Kissing Selfie In Front of Anti-Gay Politician in Russia

When this lesbian couple discovered they were sitting one row ahead of Vitaly Milonov, a Russian politician behind the nation’s anti-gay laws, they decided to snap a sneaky selfie of the two of them kissing with him in the background.

03rd February 2015

Islamic State Burns Hostage Alive in a Cage

A video released by the Islamic State reportedly shows a Jordanian pilot who was being held hostage by the IS, being burnt alive in the cage in which he was imprisoned.

27th January 2015

The 4 Best Things Seth Rogen Said About North Korea’s Reaction to “The Interview”

Hollywood funnyman Seth Rogen has spoken to Rolling Stones journalist Josh Eells about the potentially World War III-instigating controversy that his latest film, The Interview, stirred up in North Korea. A spokesperson with their foreign ministry condemned the film as “a most wanton act of terrorism and war”. Wanna know what he has said back?

04th January 2015

Everything You Need to Know About US-Cuba Relations

President Barack Obama is the first US President in 50 years to finally man up and admit the Cuban embargo isn’t working. Here’s the full story of America and Cuba’s tense relationship over the decades.