09th November 2014

42 Powerful Moments Of Human Compassion

When all we hear about are the casualty figures, it can be difficult to remember the immense human compassion that thrives during times of violence. The people in these photographs said “no” to hate and instead chose love. They should serve as an example to us all.

02nd November 2014

30 of the Most Picturesque Winter Towns From Around The World

There’s a chill in the air and it’s time to get somewhere cozy. Here are some of the quaintest and coziest towns that you can visit this winter…

30th October 2014

Canadian Photographer Matches Movie Scenes with their Real Locations

Canadian photographer Christopher Moloney took stills from various well-known movies and matched them with the actual surroundings they were filmed in as part of an ongoing art project called FILMography. It’s cool, it’s nostalgic, and it makes you realize that there probably isn’t a single inch of New York City left that hasn’t been caught on film.

23rd October 2014

40 Powerful Photos Of Love And Its Many Beautiful Forms

Caution: These photos might cause you to fall in love with humanity again. What a problem to have hey?

21st October 2014

Shocking Photos Emerge of Continued Illegal Logging in the Amazon

Non-governmental international environmental organisation Greenpeace, has conducted a lengthy two-year investigation in to rumours of continued illegal logging in the Amazon region of South America. It has been able to confirm that indeed, illegal logging is still a rampant problem in a naturally beautiful and environmentally important area of the planet, often referred to as “the lungs of the world”.

21st October 2014

Rich Kids of Tehran Instagram Account

It seem the unhealthy obsession with being filthy rich is not just limited to the Western world. Gaining inspiration from the “Rich Kids of Instagram” account which showcases the lavish lives of twenty-something children of wealthy parents who appear to have more cash than sense, the “Rich Kids of Tehran” offers an insight in to the world of wealthy Iranian families, and what the children in these families spend their parents money on. This version is wall to wall with images of luxury cars, fashion, watches, pools and jewellery.

20th October 2014

Evil Clown With Instagram Terrorizes California

A fear of clowns is a pretty common phobia for people to have – especially evil, psychotic, murderous clowns like this one in Wasco, California. He seems hell-bent on using his Instagram account to change “some people are afraid of clowns” to “everyone is afraid of clowns”. Check out this gallery and then never sleep again.

15th October 2014

35 Rare Candid Photos Of Famous People Together

Sometimes the people of the world come together in expected, yet wonderful combinations.

05th October 2014

15 Incredible High-Resolution Photos...Of Snails

Here are some beautiful close-up pictures of those bizarre little creatures in your garden that Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko took earlier this year. There’s also some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about them… like having over 14,000 teeth and a top speed of 1.3cm an hour!

05th October 2014

15 Kinds Of Snapchatters You Know

Yes, we all have our favourite and least favourite snapchat friends, and chances are you love them or hate them for one of the following reasons. If you have a friend on your snapchat list who ticks every box on this list, kudos for having the strength to not delete them.

25th September 2014

38 Important Moments In History Captured On Photo For The First Time

These photos offer a window onto some of the most important ‘firsts’ in human history.

25th September 2014

61 Powerful Photos From Space That Give You A New Perspective On Our Planet

When you see these photos taken from aboard the International Space Station – more than 200 miles above Earth – mountains turn to anthills, and you remember your place in the universe.

22nd September 2014

A Little Fog Transforms Already Beautiful Scenes Into Foggy Wonderlands

A beautiful view can be ruined if there is too much fog. But with just the right amount, gorgeous scenery can be transformed into a foggy dreamscape.

15th September 2014

12 Shipwrecks Before And After Destruction

Nervous flyer? Figure you’re better off on a boat instead? Think again! Here’s some before and after shots of ships that got a little lost and washed up on various shores all around the world. Oh by the way – there’s an estimated 3 million shipwrecks under the ocean’s surface that haven’t been found, dating back from last year to thousands of years ago.

14th September 2014

28 Breathtaking Photos That Capture Nature's Beauty Through Color

Using Photoshop to extract pallettes from natural landscapes, the popular tumblr NaturalPallettes, showcases the beauty of nature through colors. It’s amazing the spectrum of color that exists right in front of our eyes!

11th September 2014

22 More Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Is your mind is in the gutter? If not, it will be. These perfectly timed/framed pictures will really shock you….until you realise what they REALLY are.

11th September 2014

25 Family Photos That Show The Honest Side of Being a Family

Forget the perfectly arranged photos where everyone’s smiling… this is really what it’s like being stuck in a house full of everyone you’re related to.

10th September 2014

35 Amazing Photos of Thunderstorms That Show Just How Breathtaking Nature Can Be

Thunderstorms are some of the most amazing wonders in nature. It’s one thing to admire these from the comfort of your computer desk, but imagine having to live through any of these.

09th September 2014

42 Powerful Moments Of Human Compassion In The Face Of Violence

When all we hear about are the casualty figures, it can be difficult to remember the immense human compassion that thrives during times of violence. The people in these photographs said “no” to hate and instead chose love. They should serve as an example to us all.

08th September 2014

31 Mind Melting Images

Here are a collection of images that are hard to wrap your head around. Take a look and be amazed – but not for too long or you might lose yourself!