12th October 2016

Owl Recognizes Man Who Saved Her And Keeps Hugging Him

The “birds of prey whisperer”…

12th October 2016

This Guy Is A Professional Fitness Model But Has No Pulse

Just because you can’t find a pulse, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have “heart”!

07th October 2016

Bride Pulls Of Perfect Beyonce-Inspired Dance At Her Wedding

Let’s just see how the waltz goes first, and see where we’re at….

24th September 2016

Intelligence Test Claims To Sort The Fakes From The Actual Geniuses

It’s been shared millions of times online, but is it as hard as they say it is..??

24th September 2016

Young Executive Develops Beautiful Friendship With Homeless Woman

If you know how to look, there’s inspiration all around you…

19th September 2016

Young Boy grows Hair To Make Wigs For Cancer Patients

That’s one impressive head of hair! But what he did with it…

19th September 2016

Why The Internet Is In Love With This Senior Citizen Cheerleading Team

I’m thinking Kirsten Dunst in ‘Bring It On’ ….but these girls certainly aren’t!

19th September 2016

5 Dream Signals That Should Not Be Ignored

While often, your dreams are so uncommonly abstract that you can’t even begin to explain them at the breakfast table, there are a handful which are fairly common among most of us. Here’s why you should definitely pay attention to those dreams…

12th September 2016

This Man Spent 25 Years Carving Art Into The Walls Of A New Mexico Cave System

Some people do the most amazing things with their time on the planet…

09th September 2016

This Kid Singing Beyoncé In A Shopping Mall Is Amazing

Just stop what you’re doing and “Listen”…

09th September 2016

7 Qualities Of A Desirable Woman

As the paradigms of beauty shift and keep the goal posts moving with them, these 7 qualities of highly desirable women remain constant…

08th September 2016

5 Ways To Stop Yourself Thinking Negative Thoughts

If it’s happiness that we’re all chasing, then why do we keep on going the wrong way about it…???

08th September 2016

5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

Oh yeah, and you just might enjoy yourself too!

08th September 2016

Katy Perry Cries Meeting Orlando Shooting Survivor On Ellen

Seriously, if you’re going to see this one out, you’ll need to grab some tissues first…

04th September 2016

18-Year-Old Train Hops For 5 Years And Captures The Whole Thing On Camera

It’s dirty, grimy, romantic and beautiful…

30th August 2016

5 Ways To Get A Promotion Faster

We all need a bit of an edge sometimes…

30th August 2016

Trolls Say Woman's Dramatic Weight Loss Was Faked

She didn’t deserve this sort of treatment, did she?

30th August 2016

Southern Poverty Law Center To List 'White Lives Matter' As Hate Group

“…because they are clearly white supremacists”.