19th September 2016

7 Of The Most Embarrassing Texts Ever Found On The Internet

..And most can’t even use the excuse that they were drunk!

19th September 2016

7 Of The Internet's Funniest Tattoo Mistakes

Yeah, there’s laser removal, etc. But realistically, most of these people are stuck with this for life …and that’s why it’s hilarious!

19th September 2016

10 Times That Were Almost Too Embarrassing For Words

We have all done something embarrassing at one time or another. In fact, there’s probably been many occasions you’d like to forget. But when someone has a camera handy, that’s more difficult than it sounds…

19th September 2016

A Collection of the Internet's Most Hilarious Reflection Fails

Seriously though, how difficult is it to actually look at the image before you post it online?!

19th September 2016

6 Hilarious Cases Of Billboard Vandalism

We’re not saying that you should go out and vandalize billboards …but if you’re going to, make it count like these guys!

19th September 2016

A Handful Of Fails That Will Not Be Forgotten Quickly

Fact 1: People make mistakes. Fact 2: Some mistakes are easier to forget than others…

12th September 2016

10 Of The Internet's Most Ridiculous Photoshop Fails

These people really should have had to pass a competency test before being allowed to use Photoshop!

08th September 2016

7 Of The Stupidest Things You'll See On Instagram

The people of the world wide web keep on giving when we need a dose of “thank God I’ve never done something that dumb”!

06th September 2016

Huge Spider Jumps On Driver, Resulting In A Terrible Chain Of Events

I’d rather have it bite me than have this disaster on my hands…

04th September 2016

10 Of The Weirdest (And Most Hilarious) Town Names In The World

Most towns and cities re named after something from the past. But what if the past was weird, or just plain hilarious?!

04th September 2016

Here's 7 Things That Millennials Have Ruined

Well, somebody has to take the blame. The results speak for themselves…

29th August 2016

This Teen Escapee Asked For A Better Mugshot On Facebook

Mugshots aren’t meant to look good, are they?

29th August 2016

United Airlines Pilots Arrested After Allegedly Being Drunk On-board The Plane

Even Denzel knew he was doing the wrong thing – and that was a movie!

29th August 2016

Norwegian Dude Tries To Rescue Phone From Toilet Then Needs To Be Rescued Himself

If there’s a silver lining in all of this it’s that it wasn’t us!

29th August 2016

Lots Of People Think This Advertisement Featuring Johnny Depp Is Very Distasteful

It’s just a harmless advertisement …or is it?!

29th August 2016

Ice Cube Slams Donald Trump Over Ridiculous Fake Endorsement

Surely they could have used someone – anyone – else but Ice Cube…

28th August 2016

Wingsuit Daredevil Live Streams His Own Death On Facebook

Needless to say, some people may find this a little bit disturbing…

25th August 2016

British Tourist Wakes Up In Ibiza To Realize He Bought A Bus ...For Some Reason

It’s hilarious …but only because it’s not our problem!

25th August 2016

Kardashians And Jenners Warned To Clean Up Their Instagram Accounts

The Kardashians have managed to attract themselves some unwanted attention…

23rd August 2016

Gym Cops Major Criticism For Body Shaming Advertisement

You’d really have to take a good look at the marketing department after this…