02nd June 2016

10 Secrets That Explain Why Japanese Live Longer

Japanese people are always outliving the rest of us. There must be a reason for it…. In fact, there’s 10.

02nd June 2016

7 Things You Should Stop Buying and Start Making To Save Cash

Stop buying things that you can make yourself without a whole bunch of effort.

01st June 2016

Here's How To Get Companies To Give You Stuff For Free

It doesn’t even require that much effort!

01st June 2016

5 Great Foods For Good Skin

You won’t see KFC on the list, but there will be a few surprises…

29th May 2016

5 Types of Eyebrows And What They Say About Your Personality

Yes, believe it or not, your brows strongly hint at who you are!

29th May 2016

5 New Social Media Apps You'll Soon Know More About

There’s more to life than Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter!

29th May 2016

7 Things You Do That Make People Like You Less

Let’s be honest, people probably don’t like you as much as you think they do.

28th May 2016

5 Simple But Effective Tricks For Falling Asleep

None of these 5 tricks have anything to do with counting sheep…

28th May 2016

Here's 5 Signs That Your Workout Is Actually Working

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right!

27th May 2016

4 Ways You Can Halve Your Risk Of Developing Cancer

Halving the risk of cancer could be as simple as a few small lifestyle changes.

19th May 2016

7 Signs Of Chronic Anxiety We Usualy Ignore But Shouldn't

Ongoing anxiety can seriously affect your health!

19th May 2016

5 Things That Are Killing Your Phone's Battery

It’s really because your “phone” is rarely used as an actual phone anymore.

19th May 2016

5 Reasons That Tinder Isn't Working For You

If you haven’t found the right partner, this is why…

19th May 2016

5 Reasons You Can't Quit Facebook

It’s ingrained in to your life. You are your Facebook profile!

18th May 2016

5 Workouts That Include Zero Running

Just because you hate running, or can’t run, doesn’t mean you have to stay on the couch!

18th May 2016

5 Reasons That Upper-Body Strength Is An Absolute Must

A strong upper body has more going for it than being better at opening stubborn jars…

18th May 2016

5 Secrets Of People Who Seem To Remain Effortlessly Thin

This study proves that you don’t necessarily need any extreme diet. It’s far simpler than you thought to stay slim…

16th May 2016

5 Reasons You'd Be A Fool To Go Abroad Without Travel Insurance

Hopefully, you’re probably not going to need it, but if you do…

13th May 2016

7 Of The Best Superfoods To Include In Your Diet

Yes, the term “superfood” gets tossed around a bit nowadays. But clich├ęs exist for a reason, right?

13th May 2016

10 Breakfast Foods You Should Avoid

Unless you want to put on weight, that is….