07th October 2016

Why This 1964 "Matt Damon" Wedding Photo Has Gone Viral

Has Matt Damon starred in a reboot of ‘Back To The Future?’

07th October 2016

Crazy Kite Surfer Takes Advantage Of Strong Hurricane Matthew Winds

One man’s hurricane is another’s playing field…

07th October 2016

7 People That Are So Frustrating We Want To Punch Them

Not that we’d actually do it, but you know…

24th September 2016

Mother Running Out Of Baby Photo Turns In To Viral Meme Sensation

She’s inadvertently started a meme war!

24th September 2016

These Kids Are Way Too Smart For The Test They're Taking

They might have failed the actual test, but they passed be hilarious with flying colors!

19th September 2016

Scottish Tourist Captures Supposed Footage Of The Loch Ness Monster

Yeah, we know this has been going on for years and there’s been a thousand “sightings”. We’ve still got a find a way to explain this away though…

19th September 2016

7 Of The Weirdest Prom Pictures On The Internet

Prom is one of those special times in a person’s life. It’s an occasion where they can look back at old photos and think “What the actual Hell was going on there?!!”

19th September 2016

A Handful Of Hilarious Things Found In Textbooks

You never know what you’ll find in a drab text book…

19th September 2016

Why The Internet Is In Love With This Senior Citizen Cheerleading Team

I’m thinking Kirsten Dunst in ‘Bring It On’ ….but these girls certainly aren’t!

19th September 2016

These Mosaic Sushi Creations From Japan Are Almost Too Good To Eat

I thought food was just for eating…?

19th September 2016

NASA Looking For Potential Mars Inhabitants Using These Retro Posters

Perhaps you’re unhappy with your job or even the planet in general! Could this be the answer?

19th September 2016

7 Weird Facts About Your Eyes

We spend so much time looking at them and, of course, looking with them, that we often fail to realize just how damn weird eyes really are!!

19th September 2016

This Woman Spent $500 To Save The Life Of Her Pet Goldfish

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t value your pet’s life to this extent. We’re just saying that, if it’s a goldfish, we’ve all got bills to pay!

11th September 2016

Finally, An Alarm Clock That Also Brews Your Coffee

Seriously though, why hadn’t somebody already thought of this?

11th September 2016

Hawk Engages In Stare Down With Live Weather Cam

Everybody was enjoying the lovely weather when…

07th September 2016

A Finnish Hotel Is Advertising A Job For A "Northern Lights Spotter"

If you’re a bit of a night owl anyway, then maybe you’re the right person for the job!

06th September 2016

Chinese Girl Rents A Boyfriend To Meet Her Family And It Didn't Go Well

Renting a boyfriend is big business in China, but it doesn’t always go as planned…

06th September 2016

Huge Spider Jumps On Driver, Resulting In A Terrible Chain Of Events

I’d rather have it bite me than have this disaster on my hands…

06th September 2016

The Internet Can't Tell If This Girl Is Real Or Fake

The question isn’t whether or not these photos have been airbrushed or not, it’s whether or not this is an actual person to begin with…

04th September 2016

10 Of The Weirdest (And Most Hilarious) Town Names In The World

Most towns and cities re named after something from the past. But what if the past was weird, or just plain hilarious?!