18th April 2015

Vet Fired After Shooting Cat With Crossbow

A vet from Texas has been fried from her job after posting a Facebook photo of her having a killed a cat with a crossbow.

18th April 2015

Truck Full Of Bees Overturns On US Highway

It is the beginning of a really bad horror movie; a truck full of bees has overturned on a highway in the United States, with millions of honey bees unleashed.

18th April 2015

Man Arrested For Riding A Horse While Drunk

A man has been arrested in Kentucky for driving his….sorry, riding his horse while under the influence of alcohol.

17th April 2015

Contestant Claims His Dog Can Talk. Wait Til You See What Happens When it Opens Its Mouth

A Britain’s Got Talent contestant claimed that his dog could talk. Whilst that might be objectionable, the crowd certainly went wild when the little pooch opened its mouth.

04th April 2015

Woman Fights Crocodile To Save Daughter’s Life

A woman has used a bat to fight off a crocodile which was attempting to drag her daughter into a river in India. The brave woman was able to save her daughter’s life.

02nd April 2015

Kids Feed Laxatives To Seagulls

Check out these kids who decide that it might be funny to feed laxatives to seagulls. As it turns out; they were correct. Hilarity ensues…

02nd April 2015

Monkey Hanging Out With Little Puppies

What could be more adorable than a video of new born puppies? I have the answer for you; a video of newborn puppies hanging out with a monkey!

24th March 2015

Slowest Chase Ever After Man Interrupts Tortoises Mating

The guy in this video rudely interrupts tow tortoises getting it on in the bushes. Understandably, the male tortoise gives chase to try and take a piece out of the guy. It takes a little while….

20th March 2015

15 Cases of Animals Being Jerks

We love animals for the most part but sometimes they do things that are so frustrating that we just can’t help but acknowledge that they are jerks. And yet we still love them.

20th March 2015

15 Before & After Pics of Adopted Pets to Brighten Your Day

These 15 before and after shots of cats and dogs who have just recently been adopted by new families and given the love and care they so badly needed will warm your heart and brighten your day.

18th March 2015

Australian Abattoir Buys Two-headed Cow At Cattle Auction

Surely for an auction that sells “per head”, you’d be able to get double the price for this interesting two-headed cow in North Queensland, Australia, right? Check out the deformed (but completely healthy) bullock here.

17th March 2015

Watch 5 Dogs Take On A Massive King Cobra

It is exactly how it sounds – a pack of dogs bravely (or stupidly?) challenges a gigantic king cobra in this intense and bizarre footage of a mutt vs. python showdown.

15th March 2015

10 Images of the Formerly Obese Dog That Lost A Whopping 44 Pounds!

First Dennis the Daschund was famous for being the most morbidly obese dog ever, and now he’s famous for losing 75% of his bodyweight!

12th March 2015

Old Lady Fights Rabid Raccoon and Wins

A seventy-five year old lady has been attacked recently by what is said to have been a rabid raccoon. Rather than let the furious ball of fur get the better of her, she simply strangled it to death.

07th March 2015

Breeders Let Child Play With 175lb Pit Bull Named “Hulk”

Meet Hulk; the 175lb pit bull. At eighteen months old, Hulk may just be the world’s largest pit bull. Despite the reputation that goes with such a breed of dog, Hulk’s owners claim he is a gentle giant.

25th February 2015

15 Reasons Not To Have a Pet

The internet is full of different stories and galleries trying to prove how having a pet will make your life better. I beg to differ. Having a pet can really be a drag. Here’s fifteen reasons why.

22nd February 2015

Killer Shark Washes Up On Aussie Beach After Cyclone Hits

Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia caused havoc along Australia’s east coast last week, with both people and wildlife finding themselves in uncomfortable and unusual positions.

22nd February 2015

Watch an Octopus Launch Itself Onto a Crab & Suck It Down Into the Water

An Australian woman got the shock of a lifetime when her cute little footage of a peaceful crab dipping its leg into a shallow puddle of water turned into a terrifying and gruesome video of an octopus vs. crab death struggle.

14th February 2015

6 Pictures of Penguins Wearing Knitted Sweaters

Did that Valentine’s Day present you got your girlfriend fail to make her swoon enough? Maybe this gallery will do the trick…

10th February 2015

6 Photos of a Megamouth Shark That Washed Up in the Philippines

How inconceivably large and unknown are the depths of the ocean? This is one of the rarest animal species on the planet which just happened to wash up on the beach in the Philippines.