04th October 2016

Jennifer Garner Tells Paparazzi; "Brad Pitt and I are dating"

A shock revelation or trolling the paps?!

03rd October 2016

Is There A Lesson We Could All Learn In The Kim Kardashian Robbery?

Did she give the robbers all the information they needed without knowing it?

03rd October 2016

Here's Why Mike Tyson Thinks Kanye West Is "Nuts"

Perhaps there’s also grounds for a similar counter-claim…???

03rd October 2016

Where Was Kim Kardashian’s Security During The Paris Hotel Incident?

Seriously though, where were they?!

02nd October 2016

Kim Kardashian Held At Gunpoint In Her Paris Hotel Room

This sure is some “family emergency”!!

02nd October 2016

Fans Let Simon Cowell Know All About His Alleged "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Is that what I think it is…??!!

02nd October 2016

Lindsay Lohan Loses Half Of Her Finger In Boating Accident

If you spend that much time on a boat, I guess it increases the risk…

24th September 2016

Justin Bieber Was Attacked In A Munich Nightclub

Why would anyone wish harm to Biebs…???

24th September 2016

There's A Donald Trump Video Game Where You Play The "Hero" Named "Jrump"

We’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner…

23rd September 2016

Brad Pitt's Friends Say Claims He Assaulted His Son Were Fabricated

Every little thing is now being analyzed in the fallout to the Brangelina split. Now, there’s reports that Pitt assaulted his son, Maddox…

23rd September 2016

Kesha Tells Her Fans She Won't Give Up Battling Dr Luke

Message to Dr Luke; Kesha isn’t done…

23rd September 2016

Kim Kardashian Still Doesn't Know Who She'll Vote For

“…I had a log political phone call with Caitlyn…”

23rd September 2016

Why Taylor's Squad "Hit Up" Kim Kardashian

“Girls in her squad hit me up…”

22nd September 2016

Marion Cotillard Finally Breaks Her Silence On Brangelina Ordeal

“This is going to be my first and only reaction…”

22nd September 2016

Furious Fans Brand The First Glimpse At Jumanji Reboot As Sexist

It’s the remake of the original 1995 Robin Williams movie, but times have changed and so have the characters…

22nd September 2016

7 Kim Kardashian Bathroom Selfies (Because She's Always There)

We can’t let Brangelina steal all of her spotlight, can we?

21st September 2016

Chelsea Handler Didn't Hold Back In Calling Angelina Jolie A "F___ing Lunatic"

At least we don’t have to try and read between the lines to understand what Chelsea Handler thinks of the Brangelina break-up!