12th November 2016

Hilarious Analogies That Students Actually Used In An English Exam

These analogies are as funny as…

11th November 2016

25 Hilarious Tweets For Science Nerds

You might be that person who everybody points to as the stereotypical science nerd, or you might be hiding in the closet. Either way, there’s nothing better than someone who gets it…

07th November 2016

20 Of The Best/Worst Parking Fails Found On The Internet

If they’re seriously this bad at parking the car, then we’re scared at the thought of sharing the roads with them!

07th November 2016

20 Parents Who Are Better At Texting Than Their Kids

We thought that becoming a parent meant you had to ditch your sense of humor ….apparently not!

06th November 2016

Homewrecker Penguin Fight Over "Cheating Wife" Has The Whole Internet In Shock

You don’t need soap operas and reality television; wildlife documentaries are where the really juicy stuff goes down…!!

06th November 2016

12 Of The Most Embarrassing Images Found On The Internet

It is truly amazing that some of these people didn’t even check before the image found its way to the internet!

06th November 2016

25 Seemingly Normal Things The Bible Says We Shouldn't Do But We Do Anyway

We’re sinning more and more everyday!

06th November 2016

25 Of The Very Worst Pickup Lines Found On The Internet

If you don’t have much in the way of a charming personality then you’re going to have to find some way of dealing with that if you want to score with those you’re attracted to. Just make sure that you avoid these pickup lines, at all costs…

06th November 2016

12 People Imagine The Craziest Reality Shows That We Think Would Actually Be Great

Yes, they’re messed up. But you can’t tell me they won’t be entertaining!

03rd November 2016

20 Of The Very Best/Worst Cake Fails On The Internet

There’s almost as many cake decorators as amateur photographers, these days. You know how awful some photo fails can be …as it turns out, cake decorating really is an art form best left the pros!

03rd November 2016

20 Tattoos That Went Hilariously Wrong

They say that tattoos are forever. So is the internet…

03rd November 2016

20 Hilarious Pictures To Prove You're Not Alone In This World

We’ve probably all felt like these people at some point in a our lives…

03rd November 2016

20 Of The Best Text Comebacks Ever

We wish we all had responses this good to fire back when needed. Now, we do!

01st November 2016

12 Of The Funniest YouTube Comments Ever

What would the point of YouTube even be if it weren’t for the comments section?!

01st November 2016

12 Of The Weirdest People Ever Spotted On The Subway

…And here’s me wondering whether I can grow a mustache without facing public ridicule..!

01st November 2016

12 Cases Proving Why Teachers Should Not Be On Facebook

Because the internet is forever…

01st November 2016

12 Funniest Ever Menu Translations

You want me to do what to the bullfrog?!

27th October 2016

Student Refuses To Pay Parking Fine With Funny And Articulate Letter

But the question we’re all dying to have answered is; Did he manage to get a victory?

27th October 2016

25 Of The Craziest Ever News Headlines

There are times when life is too good to be true but there are also times when it’s even better than that…

27th October 2016

25 Of The Freakiest "When You See It" Photos On The Internet

It’s not what you think it is …or is it?