17th July 2016

7 Surprising Effects Of Alcohol You Hadn't Considered

You aren’t quite the same person when you you drink…

16th July 2016

5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Ability To Keep Your Balance

The relationship between your brain and the rest of your body is probably weirder than you think…

13th July 2016

How Pokemon Go Is Helping People With Anxiety And Depression

If nothing else, we can all stop telling gamers to get out of the house!

13th July 2016

Why Is 2016 The Longest Year Of Your Life?

If it seems like the year could be dragging on a bit….

07th July 2016

How Makeup Affects The Way Others See You

Ultimately, it comes down to one main factor…

07th July 2016

This Guy's Once In A Lifetime Encounter With Mountain Gorillas

We weren’t expecting this to happen!

06th July 2016

5 Reasons Why Some People Find It Impossible To Say "Sorry"

It is the hardest word to say….for some people.

06th July 2016

Why Eating Pineapple Makes Your Mouth Feel Weird

You know that weird, rough, scratchy feeling you get? Here’s what that means…

06th July 2016

7 Things That Only The Mentally Strong Will Do

Even if you don’t think you’re mental strong, changing behavior will help change your ways…

06th July 2016

Why There's More Going On At Disney Than Meets The Ears

Most little children love going to Disney. This is no different.

04th July 2016

Woman Charged With Threatening To Murder Stephen Hawking

She even had a map detailing his entire itinerary for that day.

04th July 2016

Can You Figure Out This "Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion"?

It has officially caused my head to cave in. See if you can figure it out!

03rd July 2016

High Levels Of Brain-Eating Amoeba Found At Water Park Following Teen's Death

Yeah, maybe don’t go in the water right now…

02nd July 2016

The 4 Key Elements That Make You Attractive To Another Person

If everyone was hot there would be no such thing….

01st July 2016

Can You Solve This Crazy Intelligence Test Puzzle?

Millions of people have tried. They say that if you can do it, you’re among elite company indeed!

27th June 2016

Guy Experiments With Polyphasic Sleeping And Records Results

Is there really a way to get more time in the day by sleeping less?

23rd June 2016

5 Body Hacks To Turn You In To A Superhero

We’re not saying you should try this at home. But if you do, please video it for us.

19th June 2016

The 5 Categories WHO Uses To Rank What Causes Cancer

So, does coffee give you cancer or not?!

19th June 2016

The World's 5 Safest Countries According To The Global Peace Index

Listed as being among the safest countries in the world must be good for tourism…
Got your passport?!

16th June 2016

FDA Approves Stomach-Draining Device In the Fight Against Obesity

Well, this is one way to fight calories… and the FDA agrees!