07th September 2016

A Finnish Hotel Is Advertising A Job For A "Northern Lights Spotter"

If you’re a bit of a night owl anyway, then maybe you’re the right person for the job!

06th September 2016

Huge Spider Jumps On Driver, Resulting In A Terrible Chain Of Events

I’d rather have it bite me than have this disaster on my hands…

06th September 2016

Zayn Malik Cancels Dubai Concert Due To Debilitating Anxiety

Things must be getting bad to cancel a show!

06th September 2016

The Internet Can't Tell If This Girl Is Real Or Fake

The question isn’t whether or not these photos have been airbrushed or not, it’s whether or not this is an actual person to begin with…

04th September 2016

Here's 7 Things That Millennials Have Ruined

Well, somebody has to take the blame. The results speak for themselves…

04th September 2016

18-Year-Old Train Hops For 5 Years And Captures The Whole Thing On Camera

It’s dirty, grimy, romantic and beautiful…

03rd September 2016

Chris Brown's Lawyer Says He Was Set Up And Likens The Situation To A Siege In Iraq

He could be right about one thing, but are the Iraq comparisons fair?

31st August 2016

There's A Blowjob Cafe Opening In Switzerland

As if your morning coffee wasn’t enough to get you up….

31st August 2016

Black Eyed Peas Resurrect 'Where Is The Love?' With Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith, And Others

These guys know that to get a strong message out to a wide audience, you’ve gotta get the right support…

29th August 2016

North Korea Stages Its First Ever Beer Festival

We’re guessing the songs will include some misplaced patriotism but the rest of it actually sounds pretty good…

29th August 2016

Trolls Say Woman's Dramatic Weight Loss Was Faked

She didn’t deserve this sort of treatment, did she?

29th August 2016

This Teen Escapee Asked For A Better Mugshot On Facebook

Mugshots aren’t meant to look good, are they?

29th August 2016

United Airlines Pilots Arrested After Allegedly Being Drunk On-board The Plane

Even Denzel knew he was doing the wrong thing – and that was a movie!

29th August 2016

Southern Poverty Law Center To List 'White Lives Matter' As Hate Group

“…because they are clearly white supremacists”.

29th August 2016

Norwegian Dude Tries To Rescue Phone From Toilet Then Needs To Be Rescued Himself

If there’s a silver lining in all of this it’s that it wasn’t us!

29th August 2016

Lots Of People Think This Advertisement Featuring Johnny Depp Is Very Distasteful

It’s just a harmless advertisement …or is it?!

29th August 2016

Comedy Legend Gene Wilder Dies Aged 83

RIP – Gene Wilder passed away in his home on Monday. Celebs around the world mourn online.

29th August 2016

Ice Cube Slams Donald Trump Over Ridiculous Fake Endorsement

Surely they could have used someone – anyone – else but Ice Cube…

28th August 2016

Kanye West Delivers Bizarre Speech And Debuts "Fade" Video At VMAs

He was a little bit funny. He was a little bit serious. He was a lot weird!

28th August 2016

Wingsuit Daredevil Live Streams His Own Death On Facebook

Needless to say, some people may find this a little bit disturbing…