19th September 2016

Scottish Tourist Captures Supposed Footage Of The Loch Ness Monster

Yeah, we know this has been going on for years and there’s been a thousand “sightings”. We’ve still got a find a way to explain this away though…

19th September 2016

This Skeleton's Instagram Account Proves It Has A More Interesting Life Than You

“Skellie” doesn’t let the fact that she has no muscles or internal organs stop her from being who she wants to be…

19th September 2016

Why The Internet Is In Love With This Senior Citizen Cheerleading Team

I’m thinking Kirsten Dunst in ‘Bring It On’ ….but these girls certainly aren’t!

19th September 2016

NASA Looking For Potential Mars Inhabitants Using These Retro Posters

Perhaps you’re unhappy with your job or even the planet in general! Could this be the answer?

19th September 2016

This Woman Spent $500 To Save The Life Of Her Pet Goldfish

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t value your pet’s life to this extent. We’re just saying that, if it’s a goldfish, we’ve all got bills to pay!

12th September 2016

Sharon Osbourne Tells Of How She Had A "complete, utter breakdown"

Life is not always easy when you’re busy. In fact, sometimes it is especially difficult…

12th September 2016

This Man Spent 25 Years Carving Art Into The Walls Of A New Mexico Cave System

Some people do the most amazing things with their time on the planet…

11th September 2016

Hawk Engages In Stare Down With Live Weather Cam

Everybody was enjoying the lovely weather when…

11th September 2016

How A Handful Of Celebrities Remembered 9/11

It’s hard to believe that it was fifteen years ago!

09th September 2016

This Kid Singing Beyoncé In A Shopping Mall Is Amazing

Just stop what you’re doing and “Listen”…

09th September 2016

Popular Music From 5 Countries That Aren't The USA

I think sometimes we forget just how global music really is…

08th September 2016

Katy Perry Cries Meeting Orlando Shooting Survivor On Ellen

Seriously, if you’re going to see this one out, you’ll need to grab some tissues first…

07th September 2016

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Tourist Takes New Slant On Photobombing

Taking a photo as though you’re holding up the tower? Yeah, we’ve all thought of that… This guy is next level!

07th September 2016

A Finnish Hotel Is Advertising A Job For A "Northern Lights Spotter"

If you’re a bit of a night owl anyway, then maybe you’re the right person for the job!

06th September 2016

Huge Spider Jumps On Driver, Resulting In A Terrible Chain Of Events

I’d rather have it bite me than have this disaster on my hands…

06th September 2016

Zayn Malik Cancels Dubai Concert Due To Debilitating Anxiety

Things must be getting bad to cancel a show!

06th September 2016

The Internet Can't Tell If This Girl Is Real Or Fake

The question isn’t whether or not these photos have been airbrushed or not, it’s whether or not this is an actual person to begin with…

04th September 2016

Here's 7 Things That Millennials Have Ruined

Well, somebody has to take the blame. The results speak for themselves…

04th September 2016

18-Year-Old Train Hops For 5 Years And Captures The Whole Thing On Camera

It’s dirty, grimy, romantic and beautiful…

03rd September 2016

Chris Brown's Lawyer Says He Was Set Up And Likens The Situation To A Siege In Iraq

He could be right about one thing, but are the Iraq comparisons fair?