29th May 2016

This Is How Blockchain Technology Is Probably About To Change Your World

Even though it looks set to be a major part of our lives in the future, very few people seem to know much about it…

29th May 2016

5 New Social Media Apps You'll Soon Know More About

There’s more to life than Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter!

28th May 2016

Young Boy Gets Particularly Emotional About The Environment In Viral Video

Have you ever been this passionate about anything, ever?

27th May 2016

Microbrewery's Edible Six-Pack Rings Could Help Save Countless Marine Life

The Eco-friendly way to drink beer!

24th May 2016

The Latest From Apple Could Take Over Your Home Life

Guess who’s moving in to your house…

24th May 2016

Guy Sabotages Complete Stranger's Wedding On Twitter

“Don’t marry her… she’s…..”

19th May 2016

In-Ear Language Device Translates In Real Time

Ever wanted to speak to someone but the language barrier wouldn’t allow it?

19th May 2016

5 Things That Are Killing Your Phone's Battery

It’s really because your “phone” is rarely used as an actual phone anymore.

19th May 2016

5 Reasons That Tinder Isn't Working For You

If you haven’t found the right partner, this is why…

19th May 2016

5 Reasons You Can't Quit Facebook

It’s ingrained in to your life. You are your Facebook profile!

16th May 2016

7 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Using Tinder

So, even famous people get lonely?

09th May 2016

Is Game Of Thrones The New Porn?

At the very least, could GoT be making porn socially acceptable?

05th May 2016

Microphone On Live Gaming Stream Picks Up An Alleged Assault

A microphone used during a Twitch live gaming stream may have picked up something awful.

05th May 2016

University Student's Research Project See Him Charged With Fraud

Taking part in university research doesn’t usually see you charged with fraud…

04th May 2016

5 Things That Japanese Do Better Than You Do

We know that the Japanese often do things we think are a bit strange, but they also do a lot of things better…

28th April 2016

5 Ways Technology Can Get You In To Trouble With The Law

Are you letting technology run your life for you? Don’t end up in jail!

28th April 2016

5 Ways Technology Makes You Dumber Than You Need To Be

Reading can make you smarter…..But it’s probably making you dumber.

22nd April 2016

This Is How Easy It Is To Copy A Key...

Check out this YouTube dude show us all how easy it is to replicate a key.

22nd April 2016

Doctors Look In To How To Deal With Periods In Space

Doctors have looked in to how to deal with periods in space. Why? Because periods are the worst, that’s why.

21st April 2016

Pregnancy Test With Bluetooth Capability Hits The Market

There seems to be an app for almost everything these days. Now there’s one that can tell you if you’re pregnant or not!