25th August 2016

Polish Discus Thrower Sells Rio Medal To Help Boy With Cancer

Sometimes, people just make you want to give them a big old hug…

24th August 2016

5 Reasons To Stop Worrying That You're Single

Or, you could just keep finding solace in Taylor Swift songs until you’re old a gray…

22nd August 2016

"Professor" Tyra Banks To Start Lecturing At Stanford

If she could figure out a way to eat her own head, there would literally be nothing this woman can’t do!

22nd August 2016

The Top 10 Destinations In The World

The best places in the whole wide world to visit, according to US News…

20th August 2016

Why This Tote Bag Was Designed To Make You Afraid

If you can’t read Arabic…what could it possibly be about?

20th August 2016

Cancer-Stricken Shannen Doherty Receives Touching Gesture From A Stranger

In the face of the worst life can throw at you, sometimes you’ll find a little humanity…

16th August 2016

Woman Hitchhikes Around The World For A Whole Year With Very Little Money

You really don’t need a lot of money to see the world…

16th August 2016

7 Ways To Trick Yourself In To Finding The Motivation To Start Working Out

Your mind is your most powerful tool when it comes to success in the gym, you’ve just got to turn it on…

11th August 2016

Mother Dolphins "Sing" To Their Babies In The Womb

If you feel a bit weird talking to a baby in the womb, you shouldn’t…

11th August 2016

This Guy Travels The World Using Paper To Transform Famous City Sights

Some people see the world a little differently…

09th August 2016

5 Things More Important To Tell Your Partner Than "I Love You"

It’s not always the best idea to let the little things go unsaid…

09th August 2016

5 Signs That You Unintentionally Intimidate Other People

There’s nothing wrong with a strong personality, but what if it’s just a little too strong at times…???

09th August 2016

5 Clear Signs That You Have An Old Soul

Do you ever feel like you’re perhaps a little bit removed from the general worries and concerns of the world in which you live?

09th August 2016

The Korean Selfie That's Become A Symbol Of Unity At The Rio Games

Just two gymnasts casually taking a selfie…

08th August 2016

Homeless Man Reminds Young Mother That Everyone Is Equal

Sometimes, a reminder of what it takes to be human can come from the most unlikely of places…

08th August 2016

"Big Bang Theory" Cast Make Touching Plea To Raise Skin Cancer Awareness Following Teens Death

In honoring Clarie’s death, the cast of ‘Big Bang Theory’ just might some other lives.

08th August 2016

Shannen Doherty Shares Brave Cancer Battle On Instagram

She’s reassured followers that she is definitely in this fight!

06th August 2016

The Beautiful Deer In This Japanese Park Bow Upon Receiving Treats

But the crackers can’t last forever…

06th August 2016

This Dude Proposed To His Girlfriend More Than 150 Times Before She Noticed

When he got down on one knee, it took him 148 days to get back up!

03rd August 2016

7 Signs You're Succeeding Even If it Doesn't Feel Like It

Why you are almost definitely doing far better than you give yourself credit for…