25th July 2016

Fearless Trans Women Tackle HIV Stigma

Ensuring that everybody has the right to feel “empowered”…

25th July 2016

Radiologist Hilariously Recreates Famous Celeb Pics For Charity

There was never a better reason to impersonate a celebrity!

18th July 2016

5 Ways To Boost Willpower And Eliminate Temptation

It all comes down to a few really easy decisions you need to make…

18th July 2016

10 Signs You Could Be Smarter Than The Average Person

Based on various scientific studies, the most intelligent people tend to have a few of these 10 traits – it doesn’t mean you can adopt them to get smarter!
But if you were smart, you’d know that already…

13th July 2016

6 Ways He Says "I Love You" Without Actually Saying It

Sometimes they find it a little difficult to say those three important words….and sometimes they just forget! It doesn’t mean they don’t though…

13th July 2016

How Snapchat Is Helping These Sexual Abuse Victims

It’s only the start, but it’s a start all the same…

13th July 2016

How Pokemon Go Is Helping People With Anxiety And Depression

If nothing else, we can all stop telling gamers to get out of the house!

12th July 2016

Taylor Swift Makes Surprise Visit To Children's Hospital

With all the nasty stuff that crowds our news feeds, occasionally we just need a bit of sweetness to get our feels fix…

07th July 2016

The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Crows

It’s about time we saw birds give something back!

07th July 2016

This Guy's Once In A Lifetime Encounter With Mountain Gorillas

We weren’t expecting this to happen!

06th July 2016

7 Simple Hacks For A Happier Life

Who can say that really couldn’t be happier?

06th July 2016

7 Things That Only The Mentally Strong Will Do

Even if you don’t think you’re mental strong, changing behavior will help change your ways…

06th July 2016

Why There's More Going On At Disney Than Meets The Ears

Most little children love going to Disney. This is no different.

03rd July 2016

This Dog Walked 111 Miles Trying To Find Its Way Back Home

This guy experienced tragedy after tragedy – until this happened…

01st July 2016

Can You Solve This Crazy Intelligence Test Puzzle?

Millions of people have tried. They say that if you can do it, you’re among elite company indeed!

01st July 2016

Russian Dashcam Cameras Prove Humanity Is Still With Us

Faith in humanity restored….. for a little while at least!

29th June 2016

Here's How To Find Out If You Can Actually Sing Or Not

Just because you sound great in the shower, doesn’t mean you’re Christina Aguilera. Then again, maybe you are…

27th June 2016

Why Demi Lovato Thought She'd Die Young

“I didn’t think I would make it to 21″

27th June 2016

5 Ways You Can Boost Your Own Self-Esteem

If you don’t nourish your self-esteem then what’s the point of anything? Here’s how you can help yourself without needing anyone else to do it for you.

22nd June 2016

5 Ways To Break Out Of That Rut You're In

We’ve all been there… To kick start inspiration and pull yourself out of a rut, some times it starts with something very simple.