19th May 2016

Scott Disick's Embarrassing Social Media Plug Went Very Wrong

This is so lazy, it’s proof he isn’t even trying anymore!

18th May 2016

Amazon Jokes About Woman Being Sent Sex Toy By Mistake

Amazon, getting to the bottom of it…

13th May 2016

Antiques Roadshow Expert Mistakenly Values High School Art Project At $50K

“I’m very unusual,” said the high school art project.

01st May 2016

7 Actors Who Should Have Been Fired Or Not Cast In The First Place

An actor isn’t supposed to make a movie worse than it could have been…

28th April 2016

5 Ways Technology Can Get You In To Trouble With The Law

Are you letting technology run your life for you? Don’t end up in jail!

26th April 2016

Drunk Guy Arrested For DWI Wears The Worst Possible T-Shirt

This guy would have been just another suspect of DWI….if it hadn’t been for his untimely and ridiculous attire, that is…

26th April 2016

7 Ways To Tell If You're The Butters Of Your Groups Of Friends

I mean, at least you’re not Cartman, right?

26th April 2016

10 Of The Dumbest Ever Tweets The Internet Has Given Us

There is no discrimination when it comes to Twitter. Perhaps there should at least be a test or something…

10th April 2016

Burger King Staff Pranked In To Smashing Store Windows

Why on Earth would fast food restaurant employees decide to smash the windows of the store in which they earn their cash? This is why…

13th March 2016

Canadian St. Patrick's Day Advertisement Gets It All Wrong

A Canadian advertisement for Guinness, just in time for St Patrick’s Day, appears to have made a shambles and a mockery of the whole thing.

04th August 2015

This Guy’s Rattlesnake Selfie Cost Him $150,000 In Medical Bills

You know the old saying, “Don’t take a selfie with a rattlesnake?” That’s because it doesn’t exist; generally people are just smart enough not to do that. Except for Todd Fassler, that is, who has been to the hospital twice in two weeks for separate snakebite incidents.

14th July 2015

Watch This Boyfriend’s Prank On Girlfriend Who Snoops On His Phone Go Horribly Wrong

According to a recent study, 67% of people in relationships snoop on their partner’s phone. When this boyfriend decides to set up an elaborate prank to teach his girlfriend a lesson for snooping on his phone, things escalate rather too quickly…

05th July 2015

Man Dies After Launching Fireworks From His Head

A young man in the United States has lost his life after attempting to launch fireworks form the top of his head during the country’s 4th of July celebrations.

01st July 2015

Watch The Most Hilarious/Disgusting Prank Ever: The Elevator Squirting Poop Prank!

When someone farts in the elevator, it sucks. So imagine that scenario, but multiply it by about a hundred and you might be able to imagine how putrid and horrible this would be if it happened to you!

22nd June 2015

UK Mother Asks For Her Children’s Names Tattooed On Her Breasts, Ends Up With This Instead

A mother-of-three wanted her two daughters’ names tattooed on her chest to commemorate that beautiful, emotional moment when they rested their heads there just after being born… what she ended up with was definitely emotional, but certainly not beautiful.

07th June 2015

Top 10 Stupidest Inventions Ever

These are the kind of products that make you laugh in the store for about ten seconds… then you regret buying it the entire drive home.

05th June 2015

Watch: Guy Proposes To GF At Fast Food Drive Thru – Things Get Incredibly Awkward

This guy decided to ask the girl he loves to marry him. He did so by having her ring protrude from a burger when going through a fast food drive thru. What happened next was incredibly awkward.

05th June 2015

Watch Teen Ask A Girl To Prom In Front Of Entire School And Get Rejected

When will people learn – no matter how confident you are that she’s going to say yes, NEVER ask her in public just in case she says no! This is one of the most cringe worthy ones we’ve ever seen.

03rd June 2015

15 of the Most Awkward Pet Portraits

Lots of people love their pets. I mean, if you have a pet, I sincerely hope you love it enough to take care of it. But some of the people on this list appear to love their pets a bit too much. No, not in that weird, illegal way. Just in the way that they want to get these awkward portraits taken of them.

03rd June 2015

15 Movie Mistakes That You Missed The First Time

Isn’t it amazing how much money is spent during the production of a Hollywood films? Even more amazing than the bulgy budgets, is how they can spend so much and yet still manage to overlook simple mistakes like these.