25th August 2016

British Tourist Wakes Up In Ibiza To Realize He Bought A Bus ...For Some Reason

It’s hilarious …but only because it’s not our problem!

25th August 2016

Kardashians And Jenners Warned To Clean Up Their Instagram Accounts

The Kardashians have managed to attract themselves some unwanted attention…

24th August 2016

Gym Cops Major Criticism For Body Shaming Advertisement

You’d really have to take a good look at the marketing department after this…

17th August 2016

Japanese Pole Vaulter Knocks Down Bar With His Penis

When two poles collide…

17th August 2016

Naomi Campbell Has Had An Embarrassing Photoshop Fail

So, that’s how she stays looking so young!

16th August 2016

10 Of The World's Funniest Hotel Fails

When your hotel is seemingly being run by either children or idiots…

16th August 2016

Baby Dolphin Dies From Being Passed Around For Selfies

Sometimes people are idiots. This is one of those times.

11th August 2016

Snapchat Got Racist Again But Quickly Shut It Down

They didn’t learn from “blackface”. Guess what this one is called…

09th August 2016

Did Donald Trump Really Suggest Somebody Might Shoot Hillary Clinton?

It’s all about those “Second Amendment people”…

01st August 2016

Man Flies To China To Meet Online Girlfriend...Things Get Weird!

First dates can be weird, but they rarely end like this!

27th July 2016

This Guy Could Have Invested His Lottery Winnings More Wisely In Literally Anything Else

Why didn’t he just take a holiday and consider his options?!

22nd July 2016

Kickass Torrents Brought Down By Facebook And Apple iTunes

Following years of staying one step ahead of authorities, it was one stupid mistake which brought the whole thing undone!

22nd July 2016

Guy Gets Locked Inside A Stadium Trying To Catch A Squirtle

That heading will be even more confusing if you don’t know what a “Squirtle” is…

20th July 2016

Lindsay Lohan Posts A Horribly Awkward Nice Terror Tribute

Somebody should really step in and say to these girls; “No more internet until you prove you know how to use it responsibly!”

18th July 2016

Woman Falls Asleep In Shopping Mall. Internet Goes Crazy.

We don’t want to laugh at the misfortune of others….unless it’s this funny!

18th July 2016

Google Deletes 14 Years' Worth Of Artist's Work

Another reason you should back up your own stuff…

14th July 2016

Was This The Worst Wardrobe Malfunction Ever?

It could not possibly have been timed any better…..or any worse!

13th July 2016

5 Things We Can Blame On Pokemon Go

I say hate the game and the player equally!

10th July 2016

Bullfighter Killed On Live Television

How bad do we actually feel?

04th July 2016

5 Ways To Get Yourself Kicked Out Of Your Seat On A Plane

You’re not necessarily guaranteed your place on a plane, even once you’ve paid for it!