29th August 2016

North Korea Stages Its First Ever Beer Festival

We’re guessing the songs will include some misplaced patriotism but the rest of it actually sounds pretty good…

29th August 2016

This Teen Escapee Asked For A Better Mugshot On Facebook

Mugshots aren’t meant to look good, are they?

29th August 2016

United Airlines Pilots Arrested After Allegedly Being Drunk On-board The Plane

Even Denzel knew he was doing the wrong thing – and that was a movie!

29th August 2016

Norwegian Dude Tries To Rescue Phone From Toilet Then Needs To Be Rescued Himself

If there’s a silver lining in all of this it’s that it wasn’t us!

29th August 2016

7 Old Things Lying Around The House That Could Make You Money

It’s time to look deep in to the back of the cupboards…

28th August 2016

Kanye West Delivers Bizarre Speech And Debuts "Fade" Video At VMAs

He was a little bit funny. He was a little bit serious. He was a lot weird!

28th August 2016

Man Leaps To His Death Moments After Being Sentenced To 13 Years

He really didn’t want to go to prison!

26th August 2016

Britain's Youngest Lotto Millionaire Issues Bizarre List Of Rules For Her New Boyfriend

This guy could be getting totally owned by his rich girlfriend…

26th August 2016

Skyscanner App Suggests Man Take 47-Year Stopover In Bangkok

Well, it does give him more time for activities…

25th August 2016

World's Fattest Boy Is Finally Able To Go To School Again

There could be a silver lining in this most alarming of obesity cases…

25th August 2016

Wasps Given Colored Paper Build Rainbow Nests

Just because you’re scared of them doesn’t mean they can’t do beautiful things…

25th August 2016

British Tourist Wakes Up In Ibiza To Realize He Bought A Bus ...For Some Reason

It’s hilarious …but only because it’s not our problem!

25th August 2016

Three People Killed By Apparent Crossbow Attack

What a terrible way to go out…

25th August 2016

Cannibal Killer's Dad Tells Of The Living Nightmare He's Lived Since

His dad did the only thing he could do; cry and apologize…. then he explained what his son did before the attack…

21st August 2016

Lindsay Lohan Gives Her Outrageous Demands To Appear On Russian TV

….And a life times’ supply of vodka please!

20th August 2016

5 Of The World's Most Bizarre Tourist Attractions

When you’re totally bored with Disneyland…

19th August 2016

Why Images Like This Freak Some People Out And Not Others

Does it make you feel a little uncomfortable but you don’t quite know why?

16th August 2016

10 Of The World's Funniest Hotel Fails

When your hotel is seemingly being run by either children or idiots…

16th August 2016

This Guy's Job Is To Walk Around Olympic Village Handing Out Condoms

Young and fit athletes in a foreign land… thank God we have Eric!

11th August 2016

This Woman Is Dating Her Son And They're In Love

It’s healthy to “love” your kids….