27th January 2015

15 Pets in the Cone of Shame

You know how sometimes animals have to wear that weird cone around their heads so they don’t wind up hurting themselves or exacerbating an irritation? Yeah well sometimes they don’t look real happy about it do they? Here’s fifteen cases where cats and dogs are trapped in the “cone of shame”.

24th January 2015

Seagull Makes a Comes Back From the Dead During Aussie Cricket Match

Who would have thought a seagull could be so resilient? During a professional cricket match in Australia, one of the birds was struck by a flying cricket ball. Presumed fatally wounded, it was left to rest at the side of the field. But nobody saw what was coming next. Watch the video of its miracle resurrection.

21st January 2015

Meet the World’s Loneliest Bird

To anyone who hasn’t been on a date in 6 months – I suggest you read this article. It will make you feel better.

17th January 2015

5 Creatures That Live in the Most Extreme Conditions on Our Planet

There are creatures like polar bears in the Arctic Circle and desert-dwelling snakes in Australia which you might think inhabit some the most extreme conditions our planet has to offer, and in comparison to us, yeah they are extremely tough and resilient. But compare us, polar bears and snakes of the arid regions to these guys, and we all look a bit soft.

17th January 2015

Dog Catches The Bus On Her Own Everyday To Meet Owner In Seattle Park

While some dogs run around in circles chasing their own tail, Eclipse is catching public transport on her own through downtown Seattle to meet her owner at the park… much to the amusement of fellow commuters!

17th January 2015

Stray Cat Looks After Abandoned Two Month Old Baby Boy, Saves His Life

A baby has been found abandoned outside a Russian apartment building in below freezing temperatures. So how did he manage to survive? Because a stray cat smothered him and licked him for several hours to keep him warm.

12th January 2015

15 Unannounced Visits by Animals

You know when you get somebody who just shows up at your house unannounced and you feel obliged to invite them in even though they didn’t call or text? Yeah well animals don’t have telephones.

11th January 2015

15 Cats Who Might Not Know They Are Cats

There is a growing trend amongst the feline population of cats who are behaving more and more strangely, often appearing to be completely unaware that they are in fact, cats. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you check out this list.

09th January 2015

The 5 Most Deadly Snakes on the Planet

If you only considered the severity of the poisonous venom as a factor in determining the deadliness of a snake, then you would never have to look further than Australia for a top five, possibly top ten. But there are many contributing factors that combine to make a snake deadly. Consider all the factors and you will probably end up with a list of five snakes quite similar to this.

05th January 2015

18 Massive Dogs That Think They’re Still Puppies

It doesn’t matter how big your pet dog is, it’s still going to curl up in your lap during a thunderstorm… even if that means putting about seventy kilos of weight on your chest!

05th January 2015

12 Facts About the Last 5 Northern White Rhinos in the World

Did you know that there are four Kenyan soldiers whose job it is to stand around in the African desert guarding an endangered northern white rhinoceros with AK-47’s?

04th January 2015

Dog Chases Ambulance with Owner Inside all the Way to the Hospital

Paramedics recorded video of a dog chasing their ambulance down the street because his owner was inside, until eventually they had to give up and just let him in!

02nd January 2015

Woman kicked off plane for barding with a pig

There’s an obvious joke in this story that I just can’t quite bring myself to ignore; something about how pigs might fly, just not this time. Sorry.

01st January 2015

Why you should probably avoid selfies with a monkey

Many hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of people visit Southeast Asia each and every year and engage in all of the usual touristy things. In particular reference to Bali, young tourists often get themselves in trouble by trying out a myriad of different ways to cause yourself harm.

31st December 2014

15 of the Weirdest Animals on this Planet

You have got your dogs; bred by humans from other animals to accompany us through life as man’s best friend. Then there are cats who do absolutely nothing but annoy us. But this list contains animals a little more exotic. In fact, they are more than exotic, they are really strange. Check ‘em out.

31st December 2014

15 Bears Who Totally Think They Are Humans

Let me break it to you, Yogi Bear isn’t real. Neither was Winnie the Pooh. These bears are real though. Very real. There may be issues for them in terms of suffering possible identity crisis issues but we are not qualified to make those judgements, so let’s just have a look at some of them.

29th December 2014

Canadian Woman Facing Prison for Causing Fatal Car Accident Saving Ducks

Emma Czornobaj has been sentenced to 90 days in prison and a 10-year driving ban for causing the deaths of Andre Roy and his 16-year-old daughter Jessie when she stopped on a busy highway to rescue some ducks.

29th December 2014

Zooey Deschanel is being sued for riding a Horse Too Hard & Injuring it

New Girl star Zooey Deschanel may come across as gentle and harmless, but don’t be fooled… she’s tougher than she looks!

28th December 2014

16 Pictures of the Best Camouflaged Animals Ever

See if you can even spot the animal in each of these 16 pics!

22nd December 2014

Pope Says That You Can See Your Dog in the Afterlife

In news that is bound to please dog lovers the world over, the head of the Catholic Church, the progressive Pope Francis, say that all dogs will go to Heaven.