09th May 2016

7 Crazy Facts About Your Dreams

Is it possible to control your dreams?

09th May 2016

5 Surprising Facts About Moths

Moths are definitely more interesting than we thought….

06th May 2016

5 Of The Most Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Don’t try these at home!

04th May 2016

5 Things That Japanese Do Better Than You Do

We know that the Japanese often do things we think are a bit strange, but they also do a lot of things better…

04th May 2016

5 Of The Most Disgusting Things You Touch Each Day

A public toilet. A packed subway. You thought of those ones already. But what about a bit closer to home….??

03rd May 2016

5 Reasons Selfies Are Actually A Good Thing

And you thought selfies were merely narcissistic expressions of vanity…

03rd May 2016

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coffee

Some mornings this can feel like the only reason to drag yourself out of bed. Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. It’s good for you!

28th April 2016

7 Reasons We Shouldn't Kill Sharks

With all the shark attacks in certain parts of the world, there are calls to cull shark populations and hunt culprits responsible for attacks. But that would be a mistake! Here’s why…

26th April 2016

6 Surprising Effects Of Meditation On The Human Body

Lots of people already know the positive effects meditation has on the human body, and life in general. But most of us still think it’s a bit voodoo. Give it a chance and you might be surprised what you find.

26th April 2016

7 Things People With Social Anxiety Keep Doing

Sometimes, for some people, life gets tough before we step out the door. Does it feel better to know you aren’t the only one?

22nd April 2016

Doctors Look In To How To Deal With Periods In Space

Doctors have looked in to how to deal with periods in space. Why? Because periods are the worst, that’s why.

21st April 2016

Pregnancy Test With Bluetooth Capability Hits The Market

There seems to be an app for almost everything these days. Now there’s one that can tell you if you’re pregnant or not!

21st April 2016

A Whopping 93% of The Great Barrier Reef Is Suffering Damage

Off the coast of Australia is the world’s single largest structure created by living organisms, the Great Barrier Reef. It’s dying. But why ?

21st April 2016

Scientists May Finally Understand These Weird Fairy Circles

These weird circle formations have been put down to a number of different things over the years. But scientists may have finally figured it out.

21st April 2016

Method Man and Redman Will Act As Spokesmen For BlazeNow App

With Method Man and Redman on board as spokesmen, what did you think the new app BlazeNow was going to be about?

21st April 2016

5 Scientific Reasons Behind Your Favorite Smelling Cleaners

The sense of smell is undervalued. You might think it would be the first to go if you had the choice, but it plays a major role in the way you buy things. And not just food. It’s cleaners too…

21st April 2016

Why Drinking Juice To Remove Toxins Is A Waste Of Time

If something doesn’t necessarily feel or taste good but beautiful celebs do it, then you should probably bite the bullet and do it anyway because it’s good for you, right?

14th April 2016

How This Pile Of Whale Vomit Could Net One Lucky Couple Thousands

One man’s trash is another’s treasure, as they say. And that is pretty much the deal with why this whale vomit is worth a pretty penny!

14th April 2016

Why People Think This 1,500-Year-Old Mummy Is Proof Of Time Travel

They’ve uncovered a 1,500-year-old mummy in the mountains of Mongolia and plenty of people reckon it is proof of time travel. But why? Could it be the shoes?!