15th June 2016

The 5 Most Dangerous Countries In The World According To New Global Peace Index

The tourism boards of these countries have a tough job!

15th June 2016

5 Things That Will Happen To Your Body When You Give Up Sugar

Nobody said it would be easy, but it’s totally worth it!

09th June 2016

Here's Why You Should Pee In The Shower As Often As Possible

Not just because it feels good!

08th June 2016

Is There A Cure For HIV Insight?

This could save literally millions of lives.

30th May 2016

Your Cell Phone Could Give You Cancer. But Don't Worry About It.

What’s the chances you will die from cancer you get from your cell phone?

29th May 2016

Check Out What Happened To This $50 Bill When She Applied A Bit Of Alcohol

It’s not exactly what you think it is…

27th May 2016

4 Ways You Can Halve Your Risk Of Developing Cancer

Halving the risk of cancer could be as simple as a few small lifestyle changes.

27th May 2016

Is This The Most Dangerous Tree In The World?

The “little apple of death” might be an endangered species, but so could you be if you go near it!

27th May 2016

Microbrewery's Edible Six-Pack Rings Could Help Save Countless Marine Life

The Eco-friendly way to drink beer!

27th May 2016

Old Toys Get Donated Limbs To Teach Kids About Organ Donation

This sure is capturing the attention it was after, but not just with kids!

24th May 2016

The Latest From Apple Could Take Over Your Home Life

Guess who’s moving in to your house…

19th May 2016

In-Ear Language Device Translates In Real Time

Ever wanted to speak to someone but the language barrier wouldn’t allow it?

19th May 2016

5 Scientifically Proven Facts About Dating

It’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to love, but these five facts we can rely on – because it’s science!

19th May 2016

10 Of The Most Common "Facts" That Aren't True

We’re only human, so we’re allowed to get these things wrong….over and over again!

16th May 2016

Expert Says Californian Town Swarmed By Bees Is Safe Again

Bees overtake town and leave a trail of destruction.

13th May 2016

Is Porn Doing Bad Things To Your Brain?

It’s International Masturbation Month. It’s as good of a time to talk about it as any….

11th May 2016

Doctors Warn That Rio Olympics Must Be Moved For Health Reasons

Aren’t the words “full-blown global health disaster” enough?!

11th May 2016

Can You Solve This Elementary School Math Problem?

This ‘simple’ math problem is sending parents in to meltdown!

09th May 2016

Do Your Friends Really Even Like You?

Less than all of your “friends” are truly friends. Way less…

09th May 2016

7 Crazy Facts About Your Dreams

Is it possible to control your dreams?