19th May 2014

Paris Hilton posts same selfie 10 months later after trying to pass it off as a spontaneous snap

SO, it happened. Paris Hilton has officially run out of selfies. On May 18, the heiress uploaded a photo, captioned “But first….Let me take a #Selfie” – inferring that she had just taken a spontaneous snap in real time for her fans.

05th May 2014

16 Celebrity Instagrams You May Have Missed This Week

Seven days in celeb-land. Kim Kardashian, Lily Allen, Rita Ora – Just a few of the celebrities that have posted Instagrams this week.

04th May 2014

18 Best “Sad Kanye West” Zipline Memes

When photographer Alex Yenni found and uploaded the following photo to the Internet we knew it wouldn’t be long before it became a meme.

23rd April 2014

27 Stellar Photos Of Earth Taken From Space

In celebration of Earth Day, here’s some incredible photos taken from space, showing just how amazing this planet really is. All photos courtesy of NASA and Commander Hadfield.

16th April 2014

Jared Michael takes the best selfie ever, gets kicked in the head by train driver

WE CAN’T help but chuckle at this poor guy’s misfortune.
Jared Michael was attempting to take a selfie from a “safe distance” in front of a speeding train, but his attempt derailed rather quickly when the train’s conductor stuck his leg out and kicked him in the head.

13th March 2014

15 Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

There are no words to describe these photographs. Some are incredible to behold, others are heartbreaking. These pictures depict humans at historic moments.

10th March 2014

30 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken.

It’s not easy putting strong feelings into words, especially when those feelings come about after seeing other people in moments of complete loss and despair.

10th March 2014

How a photographer made over $15,000 on Instagram in one day

A PHOTOGRAPHER whose bank account was running on fumes has managed to earn over $15,000 in one day using Instagram.

04th March 2014

Hilarious photos make Oscar nominees pose with their younger selves

This is great. A genius Reddit user stitched together pictures of celebrities posing with younger versions of themselves.

20th February 2014

25 Awkwardest Family Photos

Whether intentional or nor, sometimes family photos are just plain hilarious.