Medical science has cured many diseases. In fact, everyday scientific advancements are leading to newer therapies, treatments, alternatives and the like. You have heard about the famous Tree-man surgery, restoration of a destroyed face, giving sight to the blind and what not! Medical science continues its journey towards achieving some feats that earlier looked impossible. One of the latest achievements to join the group is the man from China who was given a new nose to replace the damaged one. The seemingly impossible was again made possible.

The man who grew a second nose
Breathing is important – extremely important. Even seconds without taking in air can be fatal. Everyone is aware of this fact. A Chinese man unfortunately had a terrible car crash. Though he survived the accident, he lost his nose. Losing an arm or leg is common news but losing one’s nose was something different and more difficult to comprehend. This man – the patient called Xiaolian (nickname) was unable to afford the required plastic surgery that had to be immediately done to repair the deformed and damaged nose. The accident happened last year. Since he could not afford it, gradually infection set it and soon his nose was completely deformed.

Surgeons tried fixing the actual nose; however they failed to do so as the corrosion was severe on the cartilage. Xiaolian almost lost all his hope to live normally. The medical experts were in no mood to give up. Medical experts are known to innovate brilliantly at the time of severe adversity. This time the lucky man was Xiaolian who benefited from this innovative thinking. A skin tissue was carved out and placed on the patient’s forehead as an expander. This was then cut to resemble the shape of a nose. The cartilage tissue was obtained from Xiaolian’s ribs. So they successfully ‘grew’ a second nose on a patient who had lost all hopes. Now that nine months have passed. Xiaolian’s new nose is in great shape. In a short while, the new nose will be removed and placed in the actual position. The Director of Plastic Surgery Department, Guo Zhihui belonging to Xiehe Hospital stated that the hardest part was already over and now the transplant procedure can be carried out without much difficulty. The best part is that Xiaolian’s life will once again be normal post the transplant surgery. Amazing - the work of medical science!