Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence has this girl next door image. That makes her an ideal choice of BFF. She is also a popular American personality liked by many. But a Texas resident, Kitty broke all boundaries and surprised all.

What did she do?
The 30 year old mother underwent an extensive procedure of plastic surgery. Where she spent over a whooping $25,000. Just to look like Jennifer Lawrence.

More on Kitty as reported by ABC News.
Kitty is a mother of a five year old girl and a dog trainer by profession. She stated that she was not quite happy with her body after her daughter’s birth. Kitty felt that post her surgery she was partially similar to Jennifer Lawrence, hence opted for the surgery.

She had her surgery At First Street Hospital in Houston, Texas. Where she underwent a six hour long procedures of breast augmentation. Liposuction on certain parts of her face and body. A rhinoplasty procedure for reconstructing and enhancing her nose. She also had fat grafts implanted on her cheeks and her rare to give a chubby lift.

Kitty mentioned that her savings from a previous job funded her various surgeries. She also said that she received a discount for sharing her story on Television. As for not saving the funds for her daughter‘s future. She commented that there was plenty of time left for contributing towards her daughter’s college fund. Kitty finally dressed for a big reveal after weeks of healing disclosed that she was happy. As she closely bears a resemblance to that of Jennifer Lawrence after refining her features.

Eric, Kitty’s husband said that the surgery happened to be solely her choice. He was doubtful whether kitty had to undergo a surgery or not. As he never considered Jennifer Lawrence as a celebrity nor had any likeliness towards her in any way. Thus unsupportive of her surgery.

Kitty’s plastic surgeon revealed that, people attempting to look like celebrities is predominantly not a bizarre demand these days. He said that there were plenty of cases where women wanted to have lips like Angelina Jolie’s or breasts like Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox.
33 years old Toby Sheldon’s story is similar to Kitty’s. As he spent a huge $100.000 to look a lot like Justin Bieber in October 2013