Thanks to his early involvement in helping Matt Groening develop The Simpsons, Sam Simon has received millions of dollars in royalties every year since the show started 25 years ago.

But as Simon’s resilient fight against terminal colon cancer is drawing to an end, the well-known Hollywood figure is donating it all to various charities.

With the help of some friends he’s made over the years at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Save the Children, 59-year-old Simon has already donated tens of millions of dollars to causes he believes in.


Doctors are surprised at how far Simon has come, considering they gave him three months to live back in 2012. Two years later, Simon is still fighting the good fight but it appears he’s reaching his final days, which has convinced him to sit down with the NBC for a final interview.

Simon explained to NBC journalist Maria Shriver why his struggle against terminal cancer has been the most amazing experience.

“Cancer is a horrible disease. I’m struggling with it. It’s a journey, it’s a fight, it’s tough… but, if you want publicity and you want to pick up girls, cancer is the greatest thing in the world.”

Simon has used this publicity to spread awareness of his selected favourite charitable organizations, which are enjoying more exposure than ever before – PETA especially, who have managed to rescue an astonishing number of mistreated animals thanks to Simon’s efforts.

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He claims his passion for animal right comes from the fact that these creatures can feel and think, but they can’t speak for themselves.

When Simon’s feeling up to it, he attends raids with PETA and discusses the experience on social media to spread awareness.

“I feel great, I’ve never been happier,” he told NBC. “Somehow, I ended up surrounded by people who love me and take care of me. It’s a good feeling. I think I may have had a problem letting it in before.”

Sam Simon walked away from The Simpsons in 1993 after no longer being able to sustain a working relationship with Matt Groening. He did, however, hold onto his investment in the show, which is where his millions of dollars a year comes from.

It’s good to see those ridiculous sums of money being put to good use on worthy causes.