It is a well know fact that the depths of the ocean harbors a vast variety of life forms. The color, size, structure and adaptation of these brilliant ocean dwellers have always fascinated scientists. There are many devoted researchers who are passionate about studying these amazing creatures and help the interested commoners to experience the beauty of creation. Out of the thousands of amazing feats accomplished by the researchers, another prominent one is here – the capture of a Giant Squid on camera.

Caught on camera
Squids are commonly sold along with fish, crabs and other seafood. It is a delicacy – no doubt. However the discussion herein is about the giant squid. These sea creatures are enormous in size and are found in deep oceans. The female giant squid can reach a size of 13 meters! They are some of the largest living organisms. There have been claims of sighting giant squids that are over 20 meters long too.

Three dedicated scientists have been instrumental in capturing the first video (high-resolution) footage of a giant squid. The leader of this team – Widder describes about the method followed to capture this gigantic creature by her team in the famous TED show. It is not easy to capture something that gigantic under the depths of the ocean. Describing her effort in one word – it was silence. Squids are known to be skittish. It is difficult to near this creature without scaring it. So the approach followed was quiet and silent. A special blue-light was used to lure in the creature and then a red-light was used for capture. It is a fact that most deep sea/ocean dwellers cannot see red light. A smaller sized squid was used as bait to invite an attack from the mammoth giant squid and the footage was captured.

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