After watching the epic Christopher Nolan take on the Batman legacy with his hugely appraised trilogy released over the last decade or so, you’re probably more inclined to wonder what Nolan will work on next before you would trouble yourself with wondering just how much Batman’s various shenanigans and antics would have cut into his generous savings account.

Nevertheless, now that you’ve been asked the question, I bet you’re just dying to know.

Well lucky for you, a savvy young mind at MoneySupermarket has put in the time and effort to calculate just how much it would cost a real-life Bruce Wayne to be Batman, considering all of the toys, gadgets, cars, flying machines, private jets, combat training, and all the rest of the stuff Batman relies on Bruce Wayne to pay for.

Basically, MoneySupermarket worked out everything Batman required (watching all three Batman films in the name of research? Sounds like a fun day at the office!), did extensive research on the cost of each thing, divided them all into categories, and then presented the information in a neat little infographic for us Batman fans to enjoy.

His means of getting from A to B cost $80 million right out of the gate, Wayne Manor would cost about $37,000 a year just to maintain and keep as pristine as it always is (thanks Alfred), and then there are still his weapons, the training required to use those weapons, and other “incidentals” because Batman is still a man after all, and a guy’s gotta eat, right?

Anyway, check out the infographic for yourself and weigh up what’s more important – fighting crime or being debt-free. I mean, I know they say that with great power comes responsibility, but they didn’t say anything about the huge price tag it comes with either! Perhaps being one of the bad guys would pay better…