When a person has been made redundant, all he/she may do is look for a new job. However, there is one guy who felt it would be better to go on a lifetime adventure trip. The person who did that is Alistair McGuinness. He was in his late forties when he found out that he was made redundant by the company he was working for. When he told Francine, his wife, they immediately made a decision to go ahead in a positive manner. They took this time as a time to shine. They decided that was the end of it in UK for them and moved to South America. From there they went to Africa and then eventually to Australia, where the settled down.

At present they live in a coastal town called Busselton located in South West of Australia. The couple had always been interested in backpacking across the world; however, their job circumstances didn’t allow them to take a vacation which was of more than two weeks. So, when the redundancy was announced, they just decided that this was their time to take that trip of their lifetime. They celebrated the moment with a bottle of wine, took out a globe and then made a rough plan of their trip to South America, African and then to Australia. They had to take a risk.

Alistair’s employer at General Motors offered him a job that involved production improvement. Although this was tempting enough, he knew his decision to move on was right. Both Alistair and his wife wanted to move to the countryside and they had even found a place that had a duck pond, a local pub and village green. This mean they even had to leave behind their close friends and relatives.

Before settling down in Australia, the couple spent a lot of time on the road. Three long months in South America, 3 months in Africa and three more months in Australia during which they explored the country before deciding on where to live.

During their trip they have camped in an Amazonian rainforest, taught English to the local people and even enjoyed playing football during the weekends. Talking about scary experiences, Alistair talks about how he was chased by a rhino and then took shelter in an underground mine in Bolivia, where there was an explosion very close to their hiding place. Their memorable moments include trekking across the Inca Trail and climbing the Kilimanjaro. They have even had a boat ride in Lake Titicaca, Peru and have stayed on a remote island called Amantani with a family.

It has been quite an interesting experience that has let them enjoy all the simple pleasures that the life can bring. Nevertheless, they owe all this to their decision to turn redundancy into something so positive.


Alistair’s top five tips

1. Don’t try to do too much in a small amount of time. You skim over so much and end up with lots of places on your passport that you never really experienced.

2. Get up early when in strange places. You meet the locals and get terrific photo opportunities.

3. Be spontaneous and don’t follow everything that the search engines on the internet advise you to do.

4. If you’re thinking of moving countries, get a picture of all the neighbours in your street before you go. I wish I had done this.

5. If you move to another country, purchase a visitors book for when friends and family come over.