Cafes are getting pretty trendy these days, but we’re yet to enjoy a café that has actual beds customers can hire to have a nap in before receiving their breakfast in bed along with a nice, warm mug of coffee.

That is, until now…

IKEA is bringing a new line of beds to the UK and the Swedish retailer has decided that a pop-up café offering “breakfast in bed” services is the best way to promote their new product.

The company’s executives have wisely chosen Shoreditch as the location for the unconventional café, a trendy area in central London.

The pop-up café will serve “traditional Swedish breakfasts and offering siestas in a range of their most comfortable beds”, according to IKEA.

For those who are still confused, customers will be able to walk into this temporary IKEA café and book a bed for 45 minute slots between 7am and midday to “relax in a single or double bed where they will be served by specially trained waiting staff and sleep specialists.” 

The beds will then be free from midday to 3pm for afternoon naps – hopefully there aren’t any leftover crumbs from breakfast or coffee spills.

Customers can even choose from a range of pillows, for crying out loud! The staff will provide a menu “designed to match the pillow you have in your home and combine the best bits about eating out with those of lazy Sunday lie-ins.” 

Imagine choosing your preferred type of coffee, your preferred type of eggs, and your preferred type of pillow all in the same sentence… weird.

Anyway, the pop-up café is only going to be there from May 18 to May 20 and the beds are free to book, so you better hurry up there and pencil yourself in!

It might seem strange to get up early, have a shower, get dressed, and leave the house only to rock up at a café where you strip down to your pyjamas, climb between the sheets and eat breakfast in bed, but hey – chances like this don’t come every day!

How often do you get to eat breakfast in bed AND dine out for a social brunch with your friends at the same time?!