19th May 2019

12 Benefits For Women Who Lift Weights

You don’t have to have 20-inch biceps in your sights to hit the weights. There are so many other benefits to lifting that you just can’t get in other forms of exercise. Here’s 12 of them…

18th May 2019

25 Best Muscle Building Foods

Even if you don’t want to be one of those dudes who needs to walk sideways through a door, most of us want to build a bit of extra muscle. However, that takes time and commitment and can be difficult. The good news, however, is that diet plays a huge role in both weight loss and muscle gain. So you can do most of the work in your kitchen…

17th May 2019

7 Ways To Trick Yourself In To Finding The Motivation To Start Working Out

Your mind is your most powerful tool when it comes to success in the gym, you’ve just got to turn it on…

17th May 2019

Policewoman Makes Arrest While Wearing A Bikini

If I was going to be arrested, I’m just saying, there would be worse ways for it to happen…

17th May 2019

Why Most Dietary Supplements Are Useless...But There's A Few Exceptions

Should you be taking supplements or not?

17th May 2019

5 Mistakes Guys Make In The Gym

Just because you’re throwing around more iron than Minnesota doesn’t mean you’re doing it right!

17th May 2019

Young Mother Admits To Risking Her Life Taking HGH In Pursuit Of The Perfect Selfie

The lengths some people will go to look their best!

17th May 2019

5 Foods To Help You Replenish Electrolytes That Aren't Sugary Sports Drinks

When water isn’t enough and you don’t want the sugar of drinks like Gatorade…

17th May 2019

5 Simple Rules For Fat Loss Without All The Myth That Goes With It

With so many myths out there to lead you astray, it’s difficult to focus on what will work. While everyone is different, these 5 rules apply to everyone.

17th May 2019

Meet The Body Builder Who's Bringing Back Classic Physiques

Wesley Vissers is bringing back the Classic Physique. In this interview he reveals how he has done it

17th May 2019

5 Exercises That Men Should Be Doing Each Day

If you’re going to spend the time working out, you should probably spend your time wisely, right?

17th May 2019

5 Reasons That Upper-Body Strength Is An Absolute Must

A strong upper body has more going for it than being better at opening stubborn jars…

17th May 2019

How Old Do You Think This Woman Is?

With all due respect to my gran, she doesn’t look like this!

17th May 2019

Should This Woman Be Doing This While Pregnant?

She says that her body is telling her it’s okay.

17th May 2019

5 Things You Should Definitely Do Before A Workout

If you’re going to put the effort in then you should prepare properly so as you aren’t wasting your time.

17th May 2019

10 High Protein Foods For Muscle Building

Not only do we need protein to build muscle, but it is also often the key to staying full for longer and keeping that excess fat off.

17th May 2019

The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Has A Pretty Crazy Diet!

How does he find time to be in the gym when he spends so much time eating?!

17th May 2019

5 Ways To Ensure You Shred Faster

If the best time to start getting rid of those excess pounds was a few weeks ago, catch up with these 5 simple steps.

17th May 2019

The Man with the Muscle: Nick Loucaides

Nick Loucaides is one of Australia’s most successful bodybuilders. We’ve had the opportunity to talk to him about his fitness regime and how the man lives his life.

17th May 2019

Former Body Builder Dies – Blames Poor Diet

Former body builder, Dean Wharmby, passed away recently. Before his death he blamed his poor diet including junk food and energy drinks on his waning health.