20th May 2019

5 Classic Albums That Had Altered Artwork

Throughout the history of the music industry, there has been controversy over song lyrics that has apparently incited violence, and there have been videos which have pushed the boundaries of good taste or issues of sexuality. There has also been many instances of censored artwork and even some titles. Here are five classic albums which fit in to that last category.

19th May 2019

12 Funniest Things Ever Written On US Money

We don’t know why they did it but we’re kind of glad they did…

18th May 2019

People Have Begun Sharing The Embarrassing Art In Their Towns On Social Media

Unfortunately, not every town or city can have something as iconic as the Statue of Liberty or Christ the Redeemer – some of them get this instead…

18th May 2019

This Man Spent 25 Years Carving Art Into The Walls Of A New Mexico Cave System

Some people do the most amazing things with their time on the planet…

18th May 2019

5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

Oh yeah, and you just might enjoy yourself too!

18th May 2019

This Guy Travels The World Using Paper To Transform Famous City Sights

Some people see the world a little differently…

18th May 2019

5 Facts About What It Really Costs To Get A Tattoo

Nobody is suggesting this is a good thing – but facts are facts…

18th May 2019

Disturbing Yet Beautiful Sculptures Made From Discarded Doll Parts

Yes. The artist is a “plastic surgeon”….

18th May 2019

This Town Erected A Selfie Statue

Can you think of a more ridiculous statue?

18th May 2019

Antiques Roadshow Expert Mistakenly Values High School Art Project At $50K

“I’m very unusual,” said the high school art project.

18th May 2019

This Woman's Weird But Beautiful Art Might Bring You To Tears!

Have you ever seen something as creative and beautiful as this? This performance artist on “Ukraine’s Got Talent” left the audience in awe.

18th May 2019

What Really Went Down on the Day Of Kurt Cobain’s Death?

It’s the anniversary of the death of one of modern history’s most influential, and yet somewhat reluctant, artists. What really happened on that historic day?

18th May 2019

Disabled Self Taught Classical Singer In Need Of Your Help!

My name is Angel Marie Jones I am a disabled classical/cinematic singer/lyricist. I’ve battled all my life with constant pain, as I was born with deformities in my back and legs, then mistakes in medical care have made matters worse.

18th May 2019

Guy Disguises Cheap IKEA Print in Art Gallery

Have you ever thought that some people who are really in to their art couldn’t tell the difference between what is meant to be great and something that anyone could do? This guy has…

18th May 2019

15 Awesome Images of Coffee Art

You know a supreme artist when you see one. Basically, they have moved beyond the simple canvas format and graduated to coffee art. Well, maybe they have always been in to coffee. Either way, some of them are pretty damn impressive.

18th May 2019

Meet The Man Who Is Taking The Lost Art Of Archery To New Levels

Danish man Lars Anderson is perhaps the fastest archer on the planet. After watching this video, you will no doubt be left in awe of his impressive skills. Legolas be damned.

18th May 2019

15 Fantastic Pieces of Origami

The Japanese art of paper folding known as origami goes well beyond folding your regulation paper aeroplane. As these pictures will show, the very best at origami are truly artists of the highest order.

18th May 2019

12 Simple Steps to Making Moss Graffiti

How to make moss graffiti, the cool new kind of graffiti that’s bringing new meaning to the terms “watching paint dry” and “watching grass grow”.