20th May 2019

12 Pictures To Prove Your Family Is Totally Normal

You can’t choose your family, as they say. But you can choose to leave and never come back when they turn out to be absolute weirdos!

19th May 2019

20 Inappropriate But Funny Tweets About Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly (and wildly inappropriate).

18th May 2019

This Guy’s Rattlesnake Selfie Cost Him $150,000 In Medical Bills

You know the old saying, “Don’t take a selfie with a rattlesnake?” That’s because it doesn’t exist; generally people are just smart enough not to do that. Except for Todd Fassler, that is, who has been to the hospital twice in two weeks for separate snakebite incidents.

18th May 2019

Delusional Couple Get Arrested For Selling People “Golden Tickets To Heaven”

Every time you think this story couldn’t possibly get even more insane, it somehow does. And I assure you, none of this is made up or even exaggerated. Enjoy!

18th May 2019

Man Sues After Waking Up From Surgery in Pink Underpants

For most guys, their worst nightmare would be realised if they found themselves back in the school yard of a Monday morning, they look down and realise they have fronted for class with no pants on. That would not be cool. Mercifully for a Delaware man, that was not what happened and if he happens to be the glass half full-type, then that is what he can be thankful for. He did however, experience something that seems to have run a close second in terms of embarrassment.

18th May 2019

The Mother Who Spent $25,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look More Like Jennifer Lawrence

MOST of America would pick Jennifer Lawrence as their ideal BFF, but one Texas woman took her devotion to the next level.

18th May 2019

Man Faces 147 Felony Counts Regarding at least 5 Underage Girls

46-year-old North Carolina man Barry Todd Varner has racked up 147 felony counts of various statutory rape charges and will soon be seeing his day in court.

18th May 2019

Police Shut Down Nigerian Restaurant Caught Serving Human Flesh

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any weirder, a Nigerian restaurant gets caught serving customers human flesh.

18th May 2019

Meet The World’s Widest Tongue

It’s official; the world’s widest tongues belong to a dad and daughter from the United States. The Guinness Book of Records says so…

18th May 2019

The Man Who Urinated Constantly For 20 Years

After twenty year suffering the discomfort and inconvenience of constantly feeling the need to urinate for twenty whole years, a sixty-two year old man has finally managed to find out why and solve the problem.

18th May 2019

Man Taxis Plane Down Main Street to Visit Pub

An apparently thirsty man who taxied his light plane down a main street in Western Australia’s Pilbara region and parked it outside a pub is expected to be charged. Residents of the remote Pilbara town of Newman were surprised at seeing a plane parked outside the local pub, the Newman Hotel, after its owner apparently taxied it down the main street so he could get a drink.

18th May 2019

25 Things Your Body Is Busy Doing While You're Asleep

We all love our sleep. We get to recharge and drift off to dream land and do very little else. It’s all very peaceful …unless it isn’t! In truth, there is far more going on while you’re asleep than you ever realized…

18th May 2019

25 Weird But Memorable Last Words Of Condemned Criminals

Now I think about it, I might struggle to come up with something profound if I knew I was about to die…

18th May 2019

25 Amazing Yet Ultimately Pointless Pieces Of Trivia

Let’s say you’re at a party and you have absolutely zero chat. You could do a whole lot worse than pull one of these amazing facts out of your back pocket…

18th May 2019

20 Of The Most Offensive Draws Card Against Humanity Ever Gave Us

Cards Against Humanity is meant to take things beyond what we might normally consider hilarious. It’s supposed to be offensive. But these 20 draws took things to a whole other level. If you’re easily offended, don’t say we didn’t warn you..!!

18th May 2019

These Signs Could Be The Most Pointless We've Ever Seen

As a species, we are definitely becoming stupider. I think this proves it once and for all…

18th May 2019

Man Goes Fishing With Bow-And-Arrow. Turns Out He's Really, Really Good At It!

It might look easy in the movies but in real life, a bow-and-arrow is pretty difficult to master. Unless you happen to be this dude, that is…

18th May 2019

Irritable Elephant Chases Tourists For Miles

Elephants don’t have time for your crap!!

18th May 2019

This Guy Graded His Ex's Apology Letter And It Went Viral

What do you do when you get an apology letter from your ex? You grade the paper , post it to Twitter, then begin to regret your decision, of course….