19th May 2019

Educational Book From 1975 On How Babies Are Made Is Freaking Out The Internet

Do you know how babies are made? If you were a child circa 1975, this book may have helped you understand. But what is it about the book that has everyone talking?

18th May 2019

Internet Goes Nuts After Drunk Guy Gives Himself Worst Ever Pokemon Tattoo

It sounds like the start of a joke: a guy gets drunk and decides to give himself a tattoo of Charmander on his stomach. The tattoo he ended up with has taken the Internet by storm, with water bottles and mouse pads being made in his honour.

17th May 2019

15 Celebrities That Sort of Resemble Disney Characters

Have you ever looked at your partner and thought they were the Prince Charming or Princess Whatever of your dreams? No? What about when you see some celebrities on television or in magazines, do you ever imagine them to be magical characters that could exist in a dreamland? No, me neither. That would be weird.

17th May 2019

16 Cartoon Characters who Actually Exist

Seriously, are Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane just creating real-life human clones of their animated characters now? These doppelgangers are ridiculous!

17th May 2019

14 Of The Hottest Female Animated Characters

Not only are these women attractive and sex symbols, often they’re extremely intelligent, brave, hilarious and can kick some serious butt. Regardless of what they’re doing, they remain super hot the entire time. Here is a look at 14 of the hottest animated characters.

17th May 2019

Vintage Disney Posters That Will Transport You Back To Your Childhood.

Pretty much everyone can pinpoint the moment in their childhood when they first fell in love with the adorable world of animated Disney movies. Even as adults, we will always remember to the VHS tapes we wore out, the princesses we idolized, and the catchy soundtracks that will forever pop in our heads from time to time. Because unlike Tink’s fairy dust, Disney magic never wears off.

These incredible posters will bring you right back to being a kid again.

17th May 2019

22 Hidden Secrets You Missed In Disney Movies. Each One Just Blew My Mind.

Over the years, you’ve probably realized that movie studios like Disney and Pixar will put some hidden secrets in their movies. (In fact, we have even discovered some before.) However, Disney just keeps hiding awesome secrets in their movies. They won’t stop the awesomeness.

These brand-new hidden “Easter eggs” were found in some Disney movies (along with a few classic surprises). They’re easy to miss, so don’t be surprised that you won’t recognize ANY of these. Disney may be tricky, but now you know their secrets. And they are awesome.

17th May 2019

Dying co-creator of The Simpsons is giving away his millions to charity as he enters his final days

AS the co-creator of iconic animation series The Simpsons, Sam Simon has amassed a personal fortune of more than $100 million.

But as he enters his final days, battling terminal colon cancer, the famed Hollywood producer and director is giving it all away to charity.

17th May 2019

20 Times The Simpsons Brought Us The Truth About Life

The Simpsons have some of the funniest writing on tv, and have provided us with many memorable quotes through the years. You can count on there being a Simpsons quote for every situation in life…

17th May 2019

20 Actors Who Have Played Multiple On-Screen Comic Book Roles

As of late, graphic novel and comic book adaptations are becoming more and more common and profitable, with many high profile actors tackling roles that allow them to become a super hero, a mutant, or even an anti-hero bent on revenge. For some actors, the allure of the graphic novel and comic book film is strong enough that they appear in multiple roles, in multiple franchises, lending their skill and likeness by helping the character jump off the page and onto the big screen. Here are 20 notable actors that have played multiple graphic novel and comic book roles.

17th May 2019

20 Things That Disney Did Not Give Me Unrealistic Expectations For

Let’s stop blaming animated fairytales for all our insecurities.

17th May 2019

20 Craziest Alternative Images Of Disney Princesses

Disney is a veritable pop-culture behemoth, and has been nearly since the company’s inception in the early 20th century. Mickey Mouse and his gang were, for a long time, the characters most frequently associated with the Disney name but in the last twenty years, this has changed.

17th May 2019

15 Cartoon Characters it Would Be Cool to Be Friends With in Real Life

They might be somewhat two-dimensional, but that surely also translates as less complicated. No doubt your current group of friends are great, but wouldn’t we all make room for one more if these guys came to life?

17th May 2019

What exactly is Comic Con?

The quite simple answer to that question is, it is a place where people who love comic books go to meet other people who love comic books. They swap, buy and play “I’ll show you mine of you show me yours”. Kind of like a swinger’s party only with less extroverts and sex. At least that’s how it was originally conceived.

17th May 2019

10 Richest Celebrity Nerds

Being a nerd used to be a real struggle for many people. The stereotypes about nerds were always the same: they’re socially awkward, weird, and don’t have many friends. Pretty much, if you played Dungeons & Dragons or were a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, you were a social outcast all throughout high school. In the last 10 years, however, the ‘nerd’ trope has taken on a whole new significance, and one that juxtaposes entirely with the original sense of the word. Put simply, nerds are cool now.

17th May 2019

15-Year-Old's Stop-Motion Animation Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With LEGOs

15-year-old aspiring filmmaker Morgan Spence spent 3 weeks putting together a stop-motion animation for the book trailer of LEGO masterbuilder Warren Elsmore’s Brick Flicks. Working together with the artist’s wonderful LEGO figurines, Spence was able to recreate popular movie scenes that includes a wide range of genres, from the titular singing/dancing number from Singing in the Rain to the heart-pumping ax scene from The Shining.

17th May 2019

30 Creative Couples Costumes That Will Impress Everyone This Halloween

When it comes to these creations, two really is better than one.

17th May 2019

25 Superhero Graphic Novels To Binge Read Right Now

There are so many comic books and graphic novels in existence these days and with the rising popularity of comic book movies, they’re becoming more and more popular. So where to start?

17th May 2019

Evolution Of Disney Characters

Over the years, characters can evolve and be reimagined. Disney is no exception – Mickey Mouse alone was created many decades ago, and has gone through a number of recreations.

17th May 2019

10 Hilarious Disney Puns

Disney has been important part of a LOT of people’s lives. So take a walk down memory lane and remember your old favourite Disney movies whilst having a laugh at these pics.