19th May 2019

Police rescue boy hidden behind false wall for 4 years

After being missing for 4 years, police have found a 13-year-old boy alive and hidden behind a false wall at his father’s house.

18th May 2019

Air France Crew Refuse To Dress To Cover Up On Flights To Iran

Air France crew who were told to dress appropriately for Iran flights by covering up have refused to do so.

17th May 2019

US Dept of Homeland Security Advises To Uninstall QuickTime

The US Department of Homeland Security has warned that all Windows users should immediately uninstall QuickTime.

17th May 2019

Man Loses $17.5 Million Because He Was 7 Seconds Too Late

Sorry sir, 7 seconds earlier and I could have given you the $17.5 million, but you just missed out.

17th May 2019

How United Airlines Made a Monk Angry

When we think of the term “monk” it usually reminds us of an image of a religious person in a state of peace, prayer and concentration. It may be something of a stereotype, but we don’t often imagine them losing their cool. But maybe that image is off the mark, or maybe it is just the Buddhist monks.

17th May 2019

Delusional Couple Get Arrested For Selling People “Golden Tickets To Heaven”

Every time you think this story couldn’t possibly get even more insane, it somehow does. And I assure you, none of this is made up or even exaggerated. Enjoy!

17th May 2019

Man Sues After Waking Up From Surgery in Pink Underpants

For most guys, their worst nightmare would be realised if they found themselves back in the school yard of a Monday morning, they look down and realise they have fronted for class with no pants on. That would not be cool. Mercifully for a Delaware man, that was not what happened and if he happens to be the glass half full-type, then that is what he can be thankful for. He did however, experience something that seems to have run a close second in terms of embarrassment.

17th May 2019

How this couple turned a redundancy into an epic adventure

WHAT does the average bloke do when he gets made redundant? He looks for another job. Not this guy … he decided to do the opposite — go on an adventure of a lifetime that’s still continuing.

17th May 2019

10-Storey Building Demolition Goes Hilariously Wrong in Crimea

I added “hilariously” to the title so that you would know this isn’t a tragic story involving fatalities, but rather a funny anecdote of how Crimea has wound up with its very own leaning tower of Pisa.

17th May 2019

Woman Receives $2500 Phone Bill for Using Emoticons

Paula Cochrane’s most recent phone bill since discovering the joy of emoticons made her go :O and then :(

17th May 2019

Man Caught Smuggling Wife in His Suitcase

A French man has been caught whilst attempting to smuggle his Russian wife inside his suitcase upon entering Poland. What he didn’t realise is that the whole thing was unnecessary.

17th May 2019

Guy Travels From Seattle to Philadelphia for Stranger’s Stag Do He Got Invited To Accidentally

People make typos and send emails to the wrong addresses all the time, but rarely does that unintended recipient end up being the clumsy email writer’s best man only a few weeks later as a result!

17th May 2019

Man Taxis Plane Down Main Street to Visit Pub

An apparently thirsty man who taxied his light plane down a main street in Western Australia’s Pilbara region and parked it outside a pub is expected to be charged. Residents of the remote Pilbara town of Newman were surprised at seeing a plane parked outside the local pub, the Newman Hotel, after its owner apparently taxied it down the main street so he could get a drink.

17th May 2019

OMINOUS WEAPON: China’s 70,000-ton monster unleashed

CHINA’S navy has just taken another giant leap forward, and military analysts around the world are definitely taking notice.

17th May 2019

25 Of The Most Hilarious #alternativefacts Facts On Twitter

There is not such thing as truth or lies these days, and whatever you want to be real can be. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The good people of Twitter are leading the way for us…

17th May 2019

Irritable Elephant Chases Tourists For Miles

Elephants don’t have time for your crap!!

17th May 2019

25 Of The Biggest Worries About Climate Change

Whether we want to admit it or not, climate change is indeed occurring at an alarming rate. Along with the obvious, the changes brought about by the change look set to affect us in more ways than most of us imagine…

17th May 2019

20 Famous Quotes Which Praise Cultural Diversity

These quotes have been spoken at various times over the years but somehow, they’re all very relevant now…

17th May 2019

12 Flag Options For When Man Finally Sets Foot On Mars

We’ve got to settle on one of them at some point soon, right?