19th May 2019

This Guy’s Rattlesnake Selfie Cost Him $150,000 In Medical Bills

You know the old saying, “Don’t take a selfie with a rattlesnake?” That’s because it doesn’t exist; generally people are just smart enough not to do that. Except for Todd Fassler, that is, who has been to the hospital twice in two weeks for separate snakebite incidents.

18th May 2019

25 Of The Most Hilarious #alternativefacts Facts On Twitter

There is not such thing as truth or lies these days, and whatever you want to be real can be. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The good people of Twitter are leading the way for us…

17th May 2019

25 Of The Best Twitter Responses To The Oscars Best Picture Mix-up

With an epic mix-up of such proportions, the people of the internet were never going to miss this opportunity…

17th May 2019

20 Of The Most Offensive Draws Card Against Humanity Ever Gave Us

Cards Against Humanity is meant to take things beyond what we might normally consider hilarious. It’s supposed to be offensive. But these 20 draws took things to a whole other level. If you’re easily offended, don’t say we didn’t warn you..!!

17th May 2019

20 Texts That You'll Only Ever Get From Your Grandma

…and they rarely blame autocorrect!

17th May 2019

The 20 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes We've Ever Heard

When you’re in the spotlight, I guess you’ve got a greater chance of being heard saying something stupid based purely on the law of averages. However, on the flip-side, doesn’t it start to make you wonder why we listen to them…??

17th May 2019

20 Everyday Things People Say We Wish They Wouldn't Because They Don't Really Mean Them

These words are said so often that we’ve become immune to the fact that they are entirely hollow and not true. It’s time to stop, people…

17th May 2019

These Signs Could Be The Most Pointless We've Ever Seen

As a species, we are definitely becoming stupider. I think this proves it once and for all…

17th May 2019

12 Of The Best Ever Selfie Reflection Fails People Have Shared On Social Media

We totally understand the taking of the selfie, but it’s the fact that you forgot to check the background before posting it online that has us concerned about the future of mankind…

17th May 2019

12 Hilariously Epic Texting Flirt Fails

Text flirting: if everyone was good at it we couldn’t call it a “skill” ….and we wouldn’t be blessed with hilarious failures like these….

17th May 2019

25 Annoyingly Inconvenient Everyday Struggles Of Left-Handed People

Nobody’s trying to say it’s a legit disability or anything but the fact is, the everyday world wasn’t really designed with a left-handed people in mind …and it’s quite inconvenient….

17th May 2019

12 Mildly Clever But Ultimately Embarrassing Tattoo Fails

Well, at least they tried, right…??

17th May 2019

25 Of The Worst Tattoos They Definitely Regretted

The internet is forever. So are tattoos. These 25 examples are “exreme”-ly “awsome”examples and yet they “regret nohing”…

17th May 2019

25 Of The Stupidest Questions Ever Asked In Class As Shared By Students And Teachers

There are times when people choose to speak and the results are so mindbogglingly dumb that all we can do is laugh. Here are 25 such occasions, as shared by Reddit users…

17th May 2019

20 Countries With Past Issues They'd Probably Rather We Didn't Mention

Everybody has a skeleton or two in their closet. So do some countries… and they’d probably rather forget about them!

17th May 2019

12 Definite Signs You're Having A Really Bad Day

There are indeed days on which, in hindsight, it would have been preferable to stay in bed. But nobody told us! The only good news is that you’re not alone…

17th May 2019

"Cash me ousside" Girl Kicked Off Plane For Punching Passenger

We probably should have seen this one coming…

17th May 2019

12 Very Poorly Timed But Funny Photos

When all is not as it seems, it sometimes creates a better, more hilarious world…

17th May 2019

12 Of The Laziest People To Ever Walk The Planet

I think it’s fair to say that laziness has infected these people and the situation is critical…

17th May 2019

12 Worst Ways To Flirt On Facebook

Honestly, is there ever a good way to flirt on Facebook? If there is a positive answer, it involves private messaging. These ones don’t…