19th May 2019

Find Out How Much It Would Have Cost To Be Batman In Real Life

A savvy young mind at MoneySupermarket has put in the time and effort to calculate just how much it would cost a real-life Bruce Wayne to put on the black mask and run around fighting scary-faced clown psychopaths all over Gotham City.

18th May 2019

Has a Working Hoverboard Now Been Developed?

If the movie Back To The Future is not merely a piece of much-loved fiction and actually prophetic, then the reality of hoverboards is just one year away. So now, with one company claiming they can actually deliver exactly that very soon, will that dream become a reality? What remains to be seen however, is if this promise has a little more substance than the various hoaxes that have come out in the years since Back To The Future was filmed.

17th May 2019

US Dept of Homeland Security Advises To Uninstall QuickTime

The US Department of Homeland Security has warned that all Windows users should immediately uninstall QuickTime.

17th May 2019

5 Reasons You Should Give Up Tinder

Just how long do you keep using it before you admit it’s a waste of time?!

17th May 2019

20 Inappropriate But Funny Tweets About Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly (and wildly inappropriate).

17th May 2019

Robots and Employment; Will You Have a Job Next Year?

Sometimes it feels like robots might be taking over the world, one tedious job at a time. I’m cool with robots making cars, if for no other reason than the fact I feel much safer travelling in a speeding potential death trap that has been assembled with the only margin for human error being the programming of the actual machines that put it together.

17th May 2019

New Gaming App Called “Night Terrors” Will Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

The twisted people at Novum Analytics have dreamed up a psychotic new gaming app that not only promises to change the way developers look at smartphone gaming, but the promotional video alone is enough to scare you half to death.

17th May 2019

12 Inventions From Countries You Didn’t Expect

At some stage, everything needed an inventor. But not everything comes from the countries you might expect. Here’s 12 of the best examples of that…

17th May 2019

12 Flag Options For When Man Finally Sets Foot On Mars

We’ve got to settle on one of them at some point soon, right?

17th May 2019

25 Good Things About Social Media That It's Worth Remembering

Social media and the revolution that has come with it often gets a bad rap as we learn how to deal with it and keep up. But there are definitely some positive changes brought about by Facebook, Twitter, and co. Here’s 25 of them….

17th May 2019

5 Little-Known Facts About E-Cigarettes

So you’ve given up smoking and figured that an e-cigarette might be the best thing to help you combat it (or you’re planning on doing exactly that). But what do you really know about these contraptions…??

17th May 2019

25 Inventions That Changed The World The Most

When something new comes along that turns out to be a huge game-changer, it’s difficult to remember what the world was like before we came to take it for granted…

17th May 2019

25 Crazy Facts About Space And Your Place In It

The more we keep learning about space and what’s actually in it, the more questions we keep getting presented with…

17th May 2019

20 Of The Most Messed Up Tinder Chats On The Internet

It gets much, much weirder! We’d almost prefer an unsolicited pic….

17th May 2019

Panda's Selfie Skills Are Next Level But Does It Promote Exploitation?

Should we be making a human out of an animal just because it’s cute?

17th May 2019

Japanese Researchers Warn That Peace Sign Can Lead To Identity Theft

Technology is responsible for many positive changes in the world, however, there are a few on the flip-side of that coin that are far more sinister. This is one of them…

17th May 2019

20 Different Things You Can Do With A Drone

They’re here to stay and they’re only getting cheaper and cheaper. It’s about time you get on before you get left behind…

17th May 2019

12 Fascinating Facts Science Taught Us During The Past Year

When you consider what science tells us is the length of life of our universe, on year isn’t much at all. But when we’re talking about what science can discover about our universe over the course of one year, well, that’s absolutely huge!

17th May 2019

Blind Expectant Mother Gets An Ultrasound And Is Amazed As Doctors Help Her "See" Her Baby For The First Time

When a mother lays eyes on her baby for the first time, it’s a truly magical occasion. But how does that work when mom is blind…?

17th May 2019

12 Social Media Facts For The Start Of 2017

There are more social media users now than there ever was. In fact, most people are online in some or another. Maybe the start of another year is a good time to understand just how much a part of your life it has become…