I know… you’re wondering why you even clicked on this article, because you’ve already decided it’s complete nonsense. But a study conducted at both Cardiff University and the University of Exeter would be to differ.

A group of UK psychologists and professors from both universities have collaborated in devising a video game that trains your brain to steer clear of fatty foods in favour of healthy foods, and the results speak for themselves.

The video game revolves around the premise that the player has to avoid clicking on pictures of junk food – cookies, chocolate bars, fries, etc. – and go for fruits and vegetables instead. It might not sound as entertaining as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Call Of Duty but those who participated in the study have reported consistently losing 1.5 pounds a week for more than 6 months now.

To be fair, the psychologists involved in the study have admitted that the fact that participants are keeping logs of everything they eat might be playing a part in the weight loss. After all, people who keep tabs on their weekly calorie intake are generally more likely to shed a couple pounds in the process.

Nevertheless, Dr. Natalia Lawrence from the University of Exeter – and lead researcher in the study – remains optimistic about the effect the video game has on its participants.

“These findings are among the first to suggest that a brief, simple computerized tool can change people’s everyday eating behaviour,” she claims.

“It’s exciting to see the effects of our lab studies translate to the real world.”

While the study is still in its early stages, so far the results have indicated that 41 adults who completed just four of the 10-minute online sessions have significantly reduced their daily calorie intake and are starting to lose weight.

The video game isn’t commercially available yet but if it makes it through trials, it’ll be interesting to see whether people take it seriously or whether it’s destined to join the reject shelves despite its proven results.

Would you be willing to try this new approach to weight loss if it promised to help you shed pounds simply by sitting on the couch playing video games?

Of course, you can always just do what this guy’s done and play video games while you run on the treadmill… I’m sure exercise time got a lot more interesting after he came up with this nifty idea!