I can’t remember the exact moment that I decided I had a sound knowledge of how babies are made but I reckon I had a fair grasp on it prior to my friend’s mother showing us some cartoon video called “Where Did I come From?” That question in the title was answered quite confusingly I thought. Today, I really only remember a mother and a father jumping in to a bed before the viewer was forced to concentrate on the cats within the pattern on the bedspread who began rubbing each other furiously. It must have been a real hoot for the producers. And yet it seems that this experience is not one shared only by my friend and I. A few people that I have happened to have the conversation with remember the video and yet, nobody has actually been able to verify the cats for me.

There is little doubt, however, that the people who were lucky enough to have their sex education introduced to them by this book, would remember. Penned by Danish author Per Holm Knudsen in 1975, the aptly-titled How a Baby Is Made, has been causing something of a stir lately in internet land. So why all of a sudden if it has been around since the mid-70s? Well, obviously we didn’t have the internet and Facebook back then to ensure that the images contained within would be circulated so extensively. Perhaps too, they were less prudish in the liberal seventies.

The whole thing began when Crysta-Mai Elassaad decided to share the photos she found in the book on Facebook. It wasn’t too long before it had been shared around 160,000 times. I don’t want to presume too much on behalf of a mass of people who I have never met, but I reckon there is a really good chance that at least most of these 160,000 people already knew where babies come from. SO it wasn’t as much for research purposes as for the fact that they considered it anything from funny to just a little disturbing. Like I suggested a minute ago; there were probably less prudes around in the seventies.

So the content of the book itself is pretty well on point as far as information and stuff you might want a kid to know. But it is the illustrations that accompany the words which have been gaining the notoriety, mostly due to how full-in and graphic they are (for animations). Of course, anyone with a copy of the book might want to hold on to it for just a week or two longer before they try and cash it in. The book has been selling for over $600 on Amazon.