This is former body builder Dean Wharmby who has only recently passed away following a battle with liver cancer. Dean was just thirty-nine years old at the time of his death but before he died, he told of how he blamed his poor diet for his condition.

He passed away last Sunday with his beloved partner at his side but last year, he told of how he thought that if he had looked after his diet better, he might not have had such illness. Doctors found a large tumour inside the father-of-one, just last November. They told him that he had only a few weeks to live. Clearly, he managed to push beyond that, but on Sunday he could push no longer.

Wharmby used to consume around 10,000 calories per day, eating a lot of junk food and many energy drinks. He ate pizzas, burgers, all of those high-calorie foods, simply because he was putting a lot of effort in at the gym and needed the energy to burn. But he came to regret the lifestyle and say that the pursuit of what might be perceived as the perfect body, is ultimately what also led to his downfall.

Upon learning of his illness, he completely changed the way he approached his diet. He took lots of vitamins and cut out sugar and meat. Sadly, this turned out to be too little, too late for Dean as the liver cancer had proven very aggressive.

In a show of strength however, the former personal trainer from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, began a Facebook page by the name of “Dean’s Journey” where he shared his story of battle with illness and gave insight in to his struggle. Dean tells of the initial diagnosis to pain he suffered through the illness.

Dean admitted that at the start of his days as a body builder, he did take steroids for a while, simply because he reckons he saw most of his peers do the same. It was a way to get big quickly and began him on his journey.

For all the tragedy, many people on the Dean’s Journey page sang the deceased’s praises as a fighter with a big heart and plenty of spirit and soul. But even those who didn’t know the guy himself might be able to get something out of his experience, if only that putting the right fuel in to your body is the right way to go.

Speaking of his illness earlier this year with The Daily Mail Dean said, “It was because I was trying to be as big as possible,” he explained. “I can’t say it was the diet for sure, but things like the energy drinks could be contributing factors. Red meats — all things we have found out have so many impurities in them now”.

You can visit Dean’s page and read about his journey at