Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any weirder, Nigerian authorities have to shut down a restaurant after discovering it’s been serving customers human flesh. 

Police were forced to investigate a hotel restaurant in Anambra, Nigeria after receiving numerous tips that the meat they were serving was from humans.

Sure enough, once they raided the premises, officers found human heads so fresh that they were still bleeding, with tubes draining the blood into plastic bags.

The first hint that something was awry came when a priest who dined there was handed a 700-Naira bill after his meal. This equates to roughly US $3.50, which is quite a lot considering the country’s average cost of living is less than a dollar a day.

“The attendant noticed my reaction and told me it was the small piece of meat I had eaten that made the bill scale that high,” the priest told the media. “I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive.”

It turns out that cannibalism wasn’t the only nasty business this hotel was into. Along with the human heads and carved up bodies, police also discovered automatic weapons and even grenades. Ten staff members were arrested over the criminal activities.

“Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel,” a local resident said.

“People who were never cleanly dressed and who looked a bit strange made their way in and out of the hotel, making me very suspicious of their activities. I am not surprised at the shocking revelation.”

Really; you’re not at all surprised to learn that one of your local restaurants was serving human meat to its customers?! And the same goes for the priest, who seems to be more appalled at the fact that his bill was $3.50 than the revelation that he’d just consumed a fellow human being’s flesh!

We’re yet to find out the hotel’s specific reasons for dishing out human meat, or where they were getting their victims from, but one thing is for sure – any tourists staying at Nigerian hotels will be cooking their own food for the time being. 

People seem to be gaining an appetite for – well, people – in recent years. An Australian chef murdered his girlfriend, chopped her up and cooked her last year, while a Brazilian threesome were caught murdering and cooking people who came over to be interviewed for a nanny position around the same time. 

Now – who’s hungry?